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MYOG: Bubble Wrap and Duct Tape Camera Case
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Sam Haraldson
(sharalds) - MLife

Locale: Gallatin Range
MYOG: Bubble Wrap and Duct Tape Camera Case on 05/15/2009 09:15:11 MDT Print View

I go into that a bit in the article. It's simply an aesthetic I was aiming for.

Jim, the reflectix material works well for that I see.

Edited by sharalds on 05/15/2009 09:15:58 MDT.

Gustav Bostrom
(gusbo) - MLife

Locale: Scandinavia
The Colin Ibbotson case - waterproof 20g on 05/15/2009 13:25:11 MDT Print View

Interesting article. Sometimes the lightest solution is just packaging material and you don't always need super durability either. This one seems really easy to make too.

Another example of a lightweight camera-case is this:

It's supposed to protect against water too. A lot more effort to construct though.

Colin Ibbotson has quite a lot of other interesting gear as well.

James Belk
(jgbelk) - F
Solar charger on 05/18/2009 07:24:35 MDT Print View

Hi Johannes - you were asking about my solar charger. It's a commercial product, the Global Solar Sunlinq 6.5W (MEĀ² Solar in Europe). It's a folding design, with 4 solar panels mounted on a rubber-like pad. It doesn't have a weight saving over your Solio - mine is 255g (9.0 Oz), but it has the advantage of having a 12V car charger (cigarette lighter-type) connection so it's suitable for many devices, as well as having a fairly hefty 6.5 W output (I think the Solio is less than a Watt). It doesn't have a built-in battery, but I believe Global Solar do have equivalent models with one - my phone's battery was of too high a capacity to make use of the battery though, so I got the basic (lighter) model without a storage battery, and connect it straight to my phone. It works very well, taking my phone's 1350mAh battery right up to 100% charge.

I combine this with the Hama Piccolino USB charger, which is another 11g (0.4 Oz):*166923/action*2563;jsessionid=B683F00C4CF575354CB689E2C9614233.tomcat_de_lin33

USB cables are then another 30g or so, in long lengths, or less if you can find shorter ones. Another lightweight & inexpensive option are these USB chargers from Hong Kong on eBay at around 12g. There are a few different sellers, including this one:

This combination caters for both my phone and my digital camera.

Edited by jgbelk on 05/21/2009 06:05:20 MDT.

Walter Isenberg
(wisenber) - MLife
perhaps simpler on 05/18/2009 15:36:19 MDT Print View

I prefer a more waterproof solution. I place my camera in a folded bandanna then simply put that in a zip-loc bag. The loosely folded bandanna tends to give enough shock protection and affords me an extra bandanna if I need it.

James Belk
(jgbelk) - F
Insulating properties on 05/29/2009 08:57:44 MDT Print View

I've just realised another quality of these lightweight cases - both the bubble wrap & closed cell foam are very insulating. Most electronic devices will have an acceptable operating temperature range, and my phone even stops charging if it gets too warm - but inside its case it stays relatively cool.

(gaasmanwes) - F
Re: Re: MYOG: Bubble Wrap and Duct Tape Camera Case on 07/25/2009 15:07:50 MDT Print View

I've used "reflectix"tm Al-coated bubble wrap for a lot of camera cases - but with a silnylon liner (as well as a silnylon shell for moisture protection), as the aluminum layer will SCRATCH LCD display screens on cameras etc.

The stuff also makes a great "thermos" box for keeping food hot while re-hydrating and insulating your hands from the hot food bag. - just use packing tap to assemble and bits of hook and loop for a latch.

Also makes a great light insulator for water bottles too.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
alkosak w/ bubble wrap on 09/05/2009 18:04:36 MDT Print View

I've been using this case- neoprene, protect well against shock, but not waterproof

I took a 5x4" alkosak and lined it w/ some bubble wrap (bubble out w/ packing tape applied to help hold it's shape- a little strip of packing tape on each side to adhere the bubble wrap to the alkosak)

know it's shock proof AND waterproof- also shaved an even ounce off of the weight 1.3 oz vs 0.3 oz :)





Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: alkosak w/ bubble wrap on 09/05/2009 22:35:42 MDT Print View

They're out of stock, but this is pretty much what the bubblepackits on this site are, it seems.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
out of stock and hard to find on 09/07/2009 16:38:10 MDT Print View

^ exactly- I looked and looked and couldn't find any (well I take that back- if I wanted to buy 50+ I found some :))

this one might be a little more waterproof (at least that's alkosak's claim over "regular" ziplock products) than the one offered by BPL

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Nice on 10/18/2009 10:37:28 MDT Print View

Nice idea. I just finished a 6g bubble-wrap case for my camera.