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Preferred Wine Bladders?
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Brad Groves
(4quietwoods) - MLife

Locale: Michigan
Preferred Wine Bladders? on 05/09/2009 09:37:32 MDT Print View

First off, I'll freely admit that when I go shopping I look at containers to see if any seem particularly suited for backpacking needs. I'll also admit that sometimes I'll buy something just because it comes in a neat/usable-seeming container. And I enjoy a good experiment just for the sake of it. But I can only drink so much wine...

Are there any brands of boxed wine that have a more readily re-usable valve? Two I've played with recently fell apart quite soon...

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Preferred Wine Bladders? on 05/09/2009 17:03:54 MDT Print View

This one works well with me. It has a spring inside . Don't know if it is available over there...
Wine bladder valve

Vick Hines
(vickrhines) - F

Locale: Central Texas
Re: Preferred Wine Bladders? on 05/09/2009 17:51:39 MDT Print View

All the boxed wine bladders I have seen used press-fit valves that must be jerked out of a collar then pressed back in. However, I have used them quite a bit with no failures so far. There seems to be little consistency in bladder construction between or even within different brands, but the valves are interchangeable. However, they don't work with the rubber valves available at REI which are made to fit the smaller collars.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Preferred Wine Bladders? on 05/09/2009 18:58:39 MDT Print View

Hi BRad

> Are there any brands of boxed wine that have a more readily re-usable valve?
> Two I've played with recently fell apart quite soon...

I have been using Australian wine bladders for maybe 10-15 years to carry water. Actually, better make the ONE wine bladder the whole time. The Australian ones are multi-layer and extrordinarily tough (regulations). My original one is still going fine.
And the Australian contents weren't bad either.


Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: Preferred Wine Bladders? on 05/09/2009 19:00:44 MDT Print View

Brad, I would just use a Platy and just clean the sucker with soap and then bleach to get rid of any stains.

I am a serious wino due to my profession...I sell wine. Most box wines are not really worth purchasing. I would just look for something in the $8-$10 range that is of quality and pour it into the Platy. If you want the wine to keep its quality (I am wondering if that is why, you'd want a box wine with a dispensable spout)to keep the quality level up. My personal opinion is that you have about 3 days before the wine degrades. Even then, the wine will be ok-ish. Just my 2 cents. I generally don't bring wine on trips but go for a nice single malt or some Jamisons.

Julian Watson
(JulesWatson) - F
how to refill ? on 05/09/2009 19:48:30 MDT Print View

I just want to know some tricks for refilling them. I haven't managed to work it out. Happy to do it with water, rather than turn it to wine again.

Anyone ?

Piper S.
(sbhikes) - F

Locale: Santa Barbara (Name: Diane)
wine bladder on 05/09/2009 19:56:35 MDT Print View

How do you get the wine taste out?

We often buy AngelJuice Pino Griggio, which is pretty good. The spigot is a twist spigot that seems to not leak, at least with its intended use in the refrigerator. We also like the Black Box wine. It has a push button spigot. Never had that leak, either, with its intended use.

I think to refill them you just pull the spigot off. The first time, it seems like it'll never come off. But it does, and quite easily goes right back on again.

James Castleberry
Wine bladder on 05/09/2009 20:11:39 MDT Print View

Platypus is marketing a "Platy Preserve" wine bladder, but it seems more like marketing gimmick.
I think just using a regular platypus is best. I can vouch for the fact that wine still taste good two or three days after being opened.

Tony Beasley
(tbeasley) - MLife

Locale: Pigeon House Mt from the Castle
Re: wine bladder on 05/09/2009 23:01:50 MDT Print View

"How do you get the wine taste out?"

I found that I could not totally get the wine taste out either but in Australia we can buy water in 5 liter, 10 liter and 20 liter casks and now I do not have to worry about taste. I use the 5 liter bladder.