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Bleach and bear country
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Jim MacDiarmid
(jrmacd) - MLife
Bleach and bear country on 05/03/2009 16:06:56 MDT Print View

edited to add question.

I'm planning on using a Frontier Pro + bleach drops to purify my water. However, I camp in the Sierras's. You're supposed to keep everything with an odor in your bear cannister (where required) or in a bear bag away from your campsite. Bleach has an odor, so my playtpus will smell like bleach. Not only do I want to use it as a pillow, but it wouldn't fit in my bear can (unless I emptied it, and then had no water to start my morning). I could hang it, but that involves bringing more rope and is technically against the rules where cannisters are required.

Am I being overly cautious, or could this actually be a problem?

Do pur tabs have a scent?

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Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: Bleach and bear country on 05/03/2009 16:18:02 MDT Print View

I kept my Micro pur tabs in mt pocket when I went to sleep and always have my platys next to me so I can I sip them during the night.
I assumed you only had to worry about odors that resembled something edible like minty toothpaste.
Maybe I shouldn't do that anymore?

John Sixbey
(Wolfeye) - F
a compromise? on 05/03/2009 18:39:08 MDT Print View

I hadn't thought of it before, but might make sense to keep purification products in a canister along with the sunscreen & toothpaste, but go ahead and use your water bladder like normal. Trying to do otherwise would be more than a little inconvenient.

This makes me wonder... I wash my pots, bladder, etc. with plain ol' dishwashing soap when I get home. Does that lemony scent make them smell enticing to bears? I might switch to non-scented soap in the future.

First Last
(snusmumriken) - F

Locale: SF Bay Area
I wouldn't worry about it on 05/04/2009 21:08:40 MDT Print View

The smell of bleach isn't that enticing - even to a bear. I wouldn't worry about it. Put your little container of bleach in your bear can - use the bladder as usual.

Walter Carrington
(Snowleopard) - M

Locale: Mass.
Bleach and soap and bears. on 05/04/2009 21:23:31 MDT Print View

Bleach seems more likely to repel animals unless it has fragrances added.

Soap with fragrance may well attract bears and other animals. Even toilet papers that have fragrance added might attract bears. It's pretty easy to get soap (and TP) with no fragrance added. Dr. Bronner's makes a soap with no fragrance, sometimes labeled baby shampoo. Supposedly Dr. Bronner's Peppermint flavored soap is not attractive to bears -- I guess they don't eat mint. Most soaps have fragrance added.

Most of these fragrances are artificial and it's pretty hard to guess whether they'll attract bears. I'd suggest you do any experimenting in black bear country rather than grizzly country.

Some of the fragrances used in personal care products in the US are actually pretty awful and will give me an instant asthma attack.

Jim MacDiarmid
(jrmacd) - MLife
Re: Bleach and soap and bears. on 05/04/2009 21:31:28 MDT Print View

Thanks for the input. I figured I was being a little too cautious. 2 drops of bleach per liter of water is really watered down. Of course the bleach dropper will be in the cannister.

Unknown abc
(edude) - F
"Bleach and bear country" on 05/04/2009 22:22:27 MDT Print View

>"Bleach seems more likely to repel animals unless it has fragrances added."

Exactly my thoughts. Why would a bear want to check out bleach? And, furthermore, bleach really does not have that strong a 'smell'. Methinks you have nothing to worry about when all it is bleach.


Michael Reagan
(MichaelReagan) - F

Locale: Southern California
Bleach and bear country on 05/05/2009 07:54:15 MDT Print View

>>Why would a bear want to check out bleach? <<

Maybe he wants to get his whites whiter?

Sorry, couldn't resist. :o)


Walter Carrington
(Snowleopard) - M

Locale: Mass.
Bleached Polar Bears on 05/05/2009 09:01:04 MDT Print View

A bleached bear would be a polar bear, right?
Bleach and ammonia are pretty irritating to human nasal passages (and lungs). For animals like bears and dogs, they'd probably be painful. My landlady used to sprinkle ammonia on her garbage bags to keep dogs from getting into them.