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Made this sleeping bag setup, any guesses on temp ratings ??
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Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Made this fleece sleeping bag setup, any guesses on temp ratings ?? on 04/28/2009 13:28:37 MDT Print View

Made this fleece sleeping bag setup, any guesses on temp ratings ??


Had a zipper laying around, that just happened to be the right size.

Joanns had a big discount sale on all sorts of fabrics, and I found this stretchy lightweight fleece for cheap.

Been wanting to do one of these anyway and its good practice.

Is just a doubled over 60" wide piece that is 29" at the shoulder, 20" at the feet with a hood. Full zip all the way around, so I can open it up.

Its long as I am 6'-3"

Also found this reflective bivy sack at a local store.
Its an Adv medical bivy 2.0.Ā®%202.0%20Bivvy

This is the heavier one that weighs just under 7oz, but it should last longer than a heat sheet. Figured I could use it alone as a VB inside a bag. It has a soft layer (blue in the picture) inside.

I modified it a bit. It originally had a foot vent that looked like it would not work that well. I actually tried to sleep in it one night in about 70 degree F temp and came out of it burning up. It came with a sewed up bottom half from about hip down. I ripped all that apart, and have a solid velcro strip on the bottom and about 6" up the side. The rest of the velcro is 12" o.c. and 3" long up the side and top. That is the pattern the thermal bivy had.

The thermal bivy can be opened up into a sheet.

I am considering adding a few velco patches to the fleece bag, to attach the thermal outer. That way I could zip it up, unzip it fold it out into a blanket without the thermal sheet flying away.

Any guesses on a temp rating ??

How about inside a 30dF bag.

Another question is, Would this really even work as a VB inside say a 30D montbell bag ??

Its stretchy, and the thermal is a bit big, so it seems to work pretty well with the SS I have.

Its a bit heavy at just under 2#

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