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20% off Western Mountaineering
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Derek Pankratz
(d_manty) - F - M

Locale: WI
20% off Western Mountaineering on 04/26/2009 04:58:36 MDT Print View has 20% off WM bags. I just ordered an Ultralite Short for $295.99 with free shipping. Plus they threw in an aluminum water bottle.

Website says there's a 5-7 day delay before products ship. Hope this isn't too good to be true.

Anyone have experience with this site?

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
Re: 20% off Western Mountaineering on 04/26/2009 07:32:37 MDT Print View

Mixed reports from reseller ratings. Sounds like they deliver, but very slowly at times. They probably don't keep anything much in stock.

Chris Benson
(roguenode) - F

Locale: Boulder
o2gearshop... on 04/26/2009 08:09:42 MDT Print View

I've seen some great prices on gear from them, but have been reluctant to use them due to the mixed reviews. Did you call to confirm it was in stock before placing the order? Please post back your experience with them.

Regarding WM bags on sale online... just got my first WM bag (a megalite long). I got it from Northern Lights Trading Co. for $277. Excellent service, including answering questions when I called and quick shipping.

Bob Bankhead
(wandering_bob) - MLife

Locale: Oregon, USA
20% off Western Mountaineering on 04/26/2009 09:40:34 MDT Print View

I've summarized the 34 customer satisfaction ratings from the reseller's site Ashley listed. It looks like another on-line gear vendor - who shall go unnamed - you either got things on schedule and loved them or faced abyssmal delays and hated them. Only 5 of 34 reviews were other than a 1 or 5.



Edited by wandering_bob on 04/26/2009 09:43:03 MDT.

Matt Lutz
(citystuckhiker) - F

Locale: Midwest
Re: 20% off Western Mountaineering on 04/26/2009 12:15:57 MDT Print View

caveat emptor = buyer beware.

Scott Smith
(mrmuddy) - MLife

Locale: No Cal
02 gear on 04/26/2009 21:17:45 MDT Print View

You're correct .. They don't really stock much of anything ..

They order from the manufactor . which ships to them . then they ship to you..

I ordered an Osprey pack . took a while to get it . and my " free gift" was missing.. ( I made one f/u request for my free gift .. and, it was ignored )

b s
(smyth) - F
Re: 02 gear on 05/07/2009 11:27:48 MDT Print View

I ordered a WM bag from O2gearshop a few days before this was posted. I called and they answered a few questions for me. They were up front about the fact that they order from WM and the bag wouldn't ship out for 5-7 business days. So yes, the process is a little slower than some others but I received my bag today without any problems.

Paul Lippi
(Ozniot) - F
20% Western Mountaineering on 05/12/2009 18:07:08 MDT Print View

I received my WM Summerlite regular length from o2GearShop today. A 20-day wait and no water bottle here either, but I'm a satisfied customer. Paid $255.

Derek Pankratz
(d_manty) - F - M

Locale: WI
re: o2gearshop on 05/14/2009 14:34:47 MDT Print View

Just received my WM Ultralite - and free water bottle. 14 business days after ordering, but I'm content.

Paul Lippi
(Ozniot) - F
02GearShop on 05/22/2009 09:02:06 MDT Print View

I actually received the free water bottle in a separate shipment today. Not UL gear.