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ID hot socks -- user opinions and alternatives?
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Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
ID hot socks -- user opinions and alternatives? on 04/25/2009 03:07:46 MDT Print View

Hi folks,

I'm looking for some light and warm socks for wearing inside my sleeping bag mostly (I have terrible circulation and my torso can be toasty but my feet still cold).

No one seems to make a cheap pair of down socks, so I'm thinking about checking out the ID hot socks.

If anyone has other suggestions they would be welcome, but I'm unlikely to be spending $$$ on feathered friends or nunatuk down booties! $30-40 is about my limit.

Or should I just stuff my MB inner jacket down the bottom of my bag... assuming it's not so cold that I'm already wearing it!

Neil Johnstone
(nsjohnstone) - MLife
ID Hot Socks on 04/25/2009 03:55:40 MDT Print View

I use mine for the same purpose - adding warmth in a sleeping bag, or sitting around in a tent.

At 137g/4.8oz they weight the same as a thick pair of socks (such as the Smartwool Mountaineer), but are noticeably warmer.

I don't think that they work as hut slippers though - although the sole looks to be durable, it is not waterproof.

Diplomatic Mike

Locale: Under a bush in Scotland
Re : ID hot socks alternative on 04/25/2009 04:17:01 MDT Print View

I know someone who is happy with their Sea to Summit Down Socks Ashley. They are in your price range.

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
Re: Re : ID hot socks alternative on 04/25/2009 04:28:56 MDT Print View

Thanks, Neil, Mike!

Dunno how I missed those Sea to Summit socks Mike... especially since they are an australian company! They look like they might be warmer for weight than the hot socks. But strictly for sleeping in, or wearing inside some sort of protective overshoe.

Brian Lewis
(brianle) - F

Locale: Pacific NW
Re: ID Hot Socks on 04/25/2009 08:53:20 MDT Print View

I agree with Neil, my wife and I both have the ID Hot Sock, and they work well. I don't think they're as warm as down booties.

The downside is that, for the weight, I think at least sometimes I would rather carry a[n additional] pair of just regular thick wool socks, even if they're not quite as warm at night, because they're dual purpose ... can use during the day too, or as mittens.

OTOH, a nice thing about having dedicated warm sleeping ~socks is that you're *not* tempted to use them during the day and get them wet and/or dirty.

I've read the suggestion of making tyvek bootie shells for them to allow them to be used as camp shoes, or even just plastic bags & rubber bands, but haven't used them this way personally. I brought these with me for part of my PCT thru-hike last year but FWIW ultimately didn't use them that often just because I was usually warm enough without them, but of course for a person with a different metabolism or gear mix or hiking conditions or any combination of those, they could be a fine choice.

Dewey Riesterer
(Kutenay) - F
socks on 04/25/2009 10:21:25 MDT Print View

I used to have a pair of Fairey down and pile socks from New Zealand and still have a 30+ yr. old pair of Paul Petzoldt Wilderness Equipment Polarguard socks and I used these when I was seriously winter camping in interior BC. But, I found that I prefered to carry three pairs of my regular woolen socks and rotate them for both sleeping and daily use,so, I gave up carrying the "booties" and have not used mine in years.

Sarah Kirkconnell
(sarbar) - F

Locale: In the shadow of Mt. Rainier
Re: ID hot socks -- user opinions and alternatives? on 04/25/2009 10:57:27 MDT Print View

I picked up down socks by Sierra Designs in spring a couple years ago for a few bucks on clearance. Look around, you might find a good deal. My socks are like very UL booties - only for in tent though, not to be worn walking around in!

E. H. Clemmons
(sclemmons) - MLife
Integral Designs Hot Socks. on 04/25/2009 14:27:02 MDT Print View

I love my ID hot socks. I bought a pair for everybody in my family last Christmas. They also work with plastic bags, crocs or chacos for a camp shoe.

Jeff Jeff
(TwoFortyJeff) - F
Re: ID hot socks -- user opinions and alternatives? on 04/25/2009 15:16:01 MDT Print View

I have the ID Hot Socks and the SD Down Booties. They are totally different animals. I'll address the Hot Socks.

I think they are a bit lighter and less bulky than thick wool socks but they are way warmer. I use them in the fall and spring shoulder seasons, when it could get cold enough to warrant something more in camp or when my summer bag might be overwhelmed. They have saved me quite a few times when I was hiking in very thin socks and then got cold once the sun went down in camp. If you will be using thick wool socks for hiking, just add another pair of those for sleeping and then wear them on your last day out. If you hike in thin socks though, Hot Socks are a great sleep/camp socks to add to your gear. Not enough to pay retail for them though. Maybe it's just me, but I think they run a bit small, so keep that in mind. Must have to do with the Canadian exchange rate :P

I would NOT use them for winter unless you are a hardcore gram weenie.