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Homemade Bivy Support
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Lawrence Steffes
(stef12) - F
Homemade Bivy Support on 04/21/2009 19:20:52 MDT Print View

I'm new to the community and just getting warmed up. Has anyone tried a homemade internal support for a bivy? I'm experimenting with old tent poles to make a short arched support that will support the face and shoulder section of my bivy internally. I've tried hanging a support line from my ridgeline, but would prefer an internal support structure. I have a REI Minimalist Bivy. I will post photos as my progression continues.REI Minimalist Bivy (regular)Outside loop under rain gutter (chest area)
From the pictures, hopefully you can see there are already possibilties for fabrication with minimal effort. Any suggestions are appreciated.

John Paul Reid
(Reid) - F

Locale: SouthEast
Bivy on 04/21/2009 20:42:42 MDT Print View

I'm right there with you man, I'm learning myself. Wish I could help. May I ask the name of that bivy though? It's intresting looking.

Joseph Reeves

Locale: Southeast Alaska
Re: homemade support for Bivy on 04/21/2009 21:59:46 MDT Print View

I've used small diameter plastic tubing to craft a support for the inside of my Oware bivy. It works pretty well and is lighter than a tent pole, plus it can't break. I've also used it on the outside placing the tube through the tie out loop and along the sides, but it needs to have more than a promise along the edge to stand up to my rolling about in the night.

Will post a photograph when I get back to Juneau from Fairbanks later this week.

Lawrence Steffes
(stef12) - F
Re: REI Bivy comments on 04/23/2009 05:34:06 MDT Print View

Thanks for the insight. I will have to try it with a few different support combinations and I will post what I learn. Oh, and the bivy is a REI Minimalist Bivy. I looked at afew different combos and didn't want to spend a ton of money on something that appeared to be less durable material. Keep in touch

Frank Deland

Locale: On the AT in VA
wiper blades on 04/23/2009 07:06:14 MDT Print View

Look at your wipers blades. Many varieties have silver colored metal strips that act as guides to keep the blades attached to the holder. They are small and bend easily. They could be sewn in with the bend held in place. Maybe!

Jeremy Hankinson
(kersh1) - F - MLife

Locale: Newlands
Titanium Welding Rods? on 05/02/2009 01:04:39 MDT Print View

You could try using titanium welding rods 3mm ->
They are pretty springy and you could sleeve them together (ala tent poles) to get your correct length.

Mark Hurd
(markhurd) - M

Locale: South Texas
Re: Homemade Bivy Support on 05/02/2009 13:53:23 MDT Print View

You can try carbon fiber rods from a kite store like Kitebuilder depending on the length you need.

Bill Fornshell of this forum made supports out of long balloons, the kind clowns make animals and hats out of. Those are light!