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Toilet Paper
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Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
TP or DPW? on 02/16/2014 12:07:40 MST Print View

" I also do the dirt inoculation and stick stir thing. :-)"

Add a bit of water to the mix a la Qi Whiz, and the TP disintegrates completely.

Comment on overall topic:
Is the issue the relatively innocuous TP, which is visually gross but relatively small in mass, or the much larger deposit of digestive process waste (DPW)? Compared to the mass of bacteria and other nastiness left in the DPW, TP is a biologically minor issue. Yes, same bacteria and nasties, but a much smaller amount.

Further, I really doubt that most of the folk who participate in this forum are the DPW and TP offenders of backcountry waste disposal etiquette. We seem to be pretty well committed to LNT principles, with minor disagreements that are more local environment related than whether one should do one's possible to leave the wilderness as close as possible to what it was when we came.

Y'all know that a mushroom is just the visible fruiting body of a fungus, which is much larger and spread over a wider area than the mushroom itself, right? Like the mushroom, TP is just the visible "fruiting body" of a much larger human product (DPW), which needs to be dealt with. Whether one wipes with Charmin or a mullein leaf is a relatively small issue - the bigger issue is dealing with excessive amounts of DPW in popular areas....and viciously shaming anyone we see not properly dealing with their own DPW and TP.

DPW used to bypass the website's horror of words normally used to designate DPW.

Dena Kelley

Locale: Eagle River, Alaska
X marks the spot on 02/16/2014 16:16:19 MST Print View

"The X idea is a good one I never heard before - provided people understand what it means and don't think it marks buried treasure."
Haha. They'll only make that mistake once, I wager.