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Overnighter in the Seneca Creek Backcountry
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Locale: Holed up deep in the forest
Overnighter in the Seneca Creek Backcountry on 04/09/2009 12:55:14 MDT Print View

Hello all!
I am new to the forum, and somewhat new to backpacking.
I live in the western foothills of West Virginia, where I love every minute of it!
So, on to point of the thread....

Next weekend my dad and I will be venturing up to Spruce Knob, WV to backpack in the Seneca Creek Backcountry. We are familiar with the area (have been hiking and camping several times up there).
I just need a little advice on my gear and food.

The plan - We will arrive on the knob late friday nite, quickly set up the tent, and sleep on cots that night to get a good rest. The next morning we would start our venture at sunrise. We will be taking Huckleberry Trail 4 or 5 miles down to an area called Judy Springs, where we will set up camp for the night. Judy Springs is considered the 'Garden of Eden' of West Virginia, at least to people who have been there. The next day we will hike a little farther out, possibly exploring the High Meadows Trail area, before backtracking up Huckleberry Trail. I simply cannot wait to get out in the wild, wonderful backcountry of Seneca Creek. I call it my second home.

So, here is a list of our gear that we will be carrying on our backs-

2 backpacks
2 sleeping bags
2 small travel pillows
2 flashlights
1 tent
2 large water bottles
1 Katadyn Vario water filter
1 roll of TP
2 lighters
1 small box of matches
1 fire starter stick, some dryer lent
2 spoons
-Map of area
4 advil ibruprofen
2 extra pair of dry socks
-Suffiecient Clothing
-.38 pistol (just in case)

6 Granola/Oatmeal Power Energy Bars
6 Peanut Butter Cracker packages
2 apples
4 pears
1 6pk of hard rolls
2 packages of tuna
2 medium blcoks of sharp cheddar cheese
2 sticks of summer sausage
4 squeeze sticks of PB
4 chocolate bars
1 small loaf of pumpkin bread

*trail mix for snacking
2 pks of Jerky
*Gatorade mix for water

Thats all, folks.
I have planned out the meals, for 2 people each of us would get-

-Saturday, Breakfast
1 granola energy bar
1 peanut butter cracker pk.
some summer sausage with cheese

-Saturday, Lunch
1 granola oatmeal energy bar
some rolls with tuna or PB
apple or pear
candy/chocolate bar

-Saturday, Dinner
some summer sausage with cheese
pear or apple to split
pumpkin bread loaf
peanut butter crackers
chocolate for dessert

-Sunday, Breakfast
Rolls with tuna or PB
Granola/Oatmeal Energy Bar

-Sunday, Lunch
Summer sausage with sharp cheddar cheese
peanut butter crackers pkage
apple or pear

I would like to hear criticism, advice, suggestions, tips, tricks, or anything else that can help out. I just want to make sure i aint leaving anything out, ya know.

Also, for reference, here is a detailed map of the area I will be in.There are so many areas yet to be explored by myself. It is only a matter of time in my case. I highly recommend the Spruce Knob and Seneca Creek Backcountry to anyone and everyone.


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