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New Idea
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Joan Young
(sharkbytes) - F
New Idea on 01/11/2006 23:42:07 MST Print View

Here's an idea. ** HikerNEWS ** You can help me decide if its time has
come. I haven't found anything else like it on the web execpt at, which is computer generated, and very poor. After keeping
it up for a few days, I am fascinated and amazed by how much news is
available on the subject of hiking and hikers. There is no way I can
continue to maintain this unless it quickly pays its own way. I'd be
happy to have feedback about the idea, and if enough sponsors respond
to me, it has hopes of lasting more than another week or so.

Edited by sharkbytes on 01/11/2006 23:44:31 MST.

Re: New Idea on 01/12/2006 00:07:47 MST Print View

Your post may violate the Canons of Ethics that govern the use of these Forums. Furthermore, if this assessment is correct, your post may be deleted by BPL Staff and your access to these Forums blocked.

Regulars on this website are well aware that we should not, and do not (right, guys and gals) visit any links in posts such as yours.

Fishing season is not yet open in my neck of the woods.

Re: New Idea on 01/12/2006 00:11:28 MST Print View

More detail into what you are trying to accomplish would have been appreciated. For me, and possibly others, the mention of money is a quick turn-off. It would have been better to leave that aspect of your Post on your own website.

If my assessment of your Post's intent is incorrect, please accept my sincere apologies.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: New Idea on 01/12/2006 03:49:54 MST Print View

It's a "blog" of news articles about hiking. You can google hiking and get much the same info. Nobody typically pays for blogs. They exist because of the interest in writing by their creators. As you mention on the site, many of the links are not going to work anyway after about 24 hours. And it's already being done at the link.

Edited by jshann on 01/12/2006 03:59:14 MST.

Re: Re: New Idea on 01/12/2006 04:25:29 MST Print View


Thank you for clarifying the intent. The point that I'm still not clear on is if the Thread originator is merely trying to generate traffic to her website to increase "hit count" and thereby increase advertiser revenues.

If that's the case, I believe a couple of Posts within the last couple of months by Ryan Jordan has addressed this as being a violation of the Canons of Ethics for the BPL Forums.

Can you shed any more light on this please?

Joan Young
(sharkbytes) - F
no intent to violate on 01/12/2006 06:49:16 MST Print View

Hmmm... I had no intent to violate the ethics of the board. I was merely stating a fact of life. Right now the concept is merely an experiment and I wanted feedback as to how interesting and useful it might be to people. I'm sure there are links to sites posted that have ads on them, including the one you referred me to. I had not previously seen that one, so that was good info to have. Yet, it too, is hopelessly out of date because it is not maintained by a real person. Still would like some feedback on the site itself. And at the present time, I have not taken in one penny, so there is no monetary reason to drive visitors there.

Of course you don't know me, but I'm an addicted hiker, and thought it might be a great service to provide. Then I learned how much time it would take to pull it off, and realized that I couldn't do it just out of the goodness of my heart long-term.

See my personal web site to prove my hiker claim

Re: no intent to violate on 01/12/2006 09:54:23 MST Print View

Good for you. Nice to know you aren't fishing for traffic. Wish you much success with your endeavors.