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Wood Heated Stove 4 shelter
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Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
Wood Heated Stove 4 shelter on 03/31/2009 15:37:13 MDT Print View

I am in the final stages of making a homemade 10x10 pyramid from 1.1 silnylon. Next on my list is adding a wood burning stove to heat it. Does anyone have experience building one themselves. I don't have the funds available to get a Kifaru or TiGoat one. I envision a square box stove in the neighborhood of 8x8x12? It would have to be able to collapse down for packing purposes and not be over 3 lbs’ish.

Thanks for any advise!!!

Bill Reynolds
(billreyn1) - M

Locale: North East Georgia Mountains
Wood Heated Stove 4 shelter on 04/01/2009 09:05:59 MDT Print View

I have often wondered if you couldn't use a large size bean can ( the kind cafeterias use ) use as base for a wood heater. Maybe cut it in half and have hinges on it like a barbeque grill. On a side not I am amazed how much heat a candle lantern can put out in a tent but of course you have the ventilation problem to deal with. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

. Callahan

Locale: Stoke Newington, London, UK.
Collapsible Tent Stove. on 04/02/2009 14:39:55 MDT Print View


I'm making a stainless steel wood burning tent stove, which collapses for travel and storage.

My stove has a firebox height and width of 6.75" and is 12.5" long, it has 12" threaded rod 'legs' which place the stove body 5.25" from the ground.

The deciding factor for the size was something (approx) between the Kifaru Para Stove and their Small Stove, then I started to look at stainless steel bathroom cabinets and came across a perfectly good one which was discarded during a house renovation, unit cost - nil!

The cabinet is held together by threaded fasteners, so each panel comes apart easily for working, the reason for the height and width being the same is that I cut the cabinet down in order to use the cut down lengths as sides panels.

The only costs have been for stainless steel threaded studs, wing nuts, washers, rivets and the mesh to make spark arrestors. I'll buy a Ti-Goat damper and pipe to complete.

Junk shops, charity shops and low cost household furniture stores can yield perfectly good cabinets which may easily be made into a light, collapsible wood burning tent stove, using only a hacksaw and a drill.

The beauty of using stainless steel bathroom cabinets is that all the accurate, machine shop formed folds and fabrications are retained, its simplicity itself to make into a stove!

When I get the pipe, I'll post the rest of the photo's to show just how easy it is.

Have you seen the fabulous stove which Ed Tyanich made, seen in his thread 'Wood Heated Shelter For Less Than 3lbs.' (Note, the weight included the shelter!) its on this Forum, a few posts down.

Hope this helps.