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Finally, got the wood gas Heineken stove to burn w/ no liquid fuel
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Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Finally, got the wood gas Heineken stove to burn w/ no liquid fuel on 03/29/2009 18:04:32 MDT Print View

Finally, got the wood gas Heineken stove to burn w no liquid fuel

A one match light and never had to relight.

Just the stove weighs 3 oz.

This is about the 30-40th test run on the heineken can. The light went off today and I turned the can upside down for a better gap at the burners.

Also been trying to come up with a non liquid fuel that would get this thing going and keep it going.

The outside part of the stove is about the same as the other one I posted but is upsidedown. Same 8 holes around the base, with an extra hole in the bottom where I drank the beer.

Same insulation, but slid it up more towards the top.

Changed the inner sardine can a little.
Still 4 holes in the bottom, 4 in the sides at the bottom, but punched the top holes the other way, IE down. 12 of them, but I dont think that would matter.

Also added 4 medium size punched (can opener) holes in the middle. This did not help with the can right side up, but it did work upsidedown. Matter of fact it may have worked too well, IE 17 min burn. Might try smaller holes.

These wood gas stoves are very finiky.

The fuel is very dry oak, small chips.

The catalyst is hemp string or cord from the dollar store and soaked in parafin. Its pretty fuzzy, IE has lots of fibers sticking out. Take 3-4 feet (about .2 oz) and cut it into about 3/4" lengths and layer it in with the wood. Layer of wood, sprinkle in some waxed hemp pieces. I did 5 layers total.

To start it up I used 1/2 cotton ball saturated in vasoline. pulled it apart, and put one in each side with sort of a wick pulled up towards the center, and sprinkled some fine tinder around it and on top.

Lit the tip of the cotton balls once and that was it.

Gassed in about 2-3 minutes. I am sure most of the initial gas was vasoline. Heavy gas burn 4" flames at about 4-6 min.

Started slowing down at about 13-14 min.

Burned 17 minutes total.

I will need to re-run this one to make sure its not a fluke.

Will post some pics when I am sure its a burner.

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