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I have a problem....
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Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
I have a problem.... on 03/24/2009 15:04:41 MDT Print View

I just got back from MEC and spent $47 to save 8 oz. Is this normal?

Sam Minnich
What is normal anyways? on 03/24/2009 15:10:42 MDT Print View

That sounds about right. 8 oz is quite a bit of wieght, considering people pay a lot more to save a lot less. Then again, we all must have a few screws loose if we're hanging out in this forum anyway!

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Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: I have a problem.... on 03/24/2009 15:11:28 MDT Print View

Actually, I think you do!

MEC carries precious few UL items. I bet if you tell us what you bought, we can tell you how to shave off even more without any loss in function! :)

Edited by ben2world on 03/24/2009 15:13:56 MDT.

Sam Minnich
loose screws on 03/24/2009 15:14:20 MDT Print View

The more screws we all shake loose, the less of them we have to carry!

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
I have a problem.... on 03/24/2009 15:16:26 MDT Print View

Well....I purchased a Gerber LST knife to get rid of my big heavy bear maming one and a Petzel E-lite to replace my EOS......

Nate Meinzer
(Rezniem) - F

Locale: San Francisco
That's a great deal on 03/24/2009 15:23:23 MDT Print View

huge savings, two items, great price.....

Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: even better on 03/24/2009 15:37:09 MDT Print View

Leave the knife at home and take a Photon Freedom instead: saves another ~ 2oz...

Nate Meinzer
(Rezniem) - F

Locale: San Francisco
Take the knife! on 03/24/2009 15:39:33 MDT Print View

I'm in the knife can be very useful.

Shave down tinder for a fire, if you need to...or whittle an eating utensil from a stick when your plastic fork snaps....what about cutting gauze and moleskin for blister treatment?

Take da knife!

David T
(DaveT) - F
. on 03/24/2009 15:53:56 MDT Print View


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Andrew Lush
(lushy) - MLife

Locale: Lake Mungo, Mutawintji NPs
Re:I have a problem.... on 03/24/2009 15:56:00 MDT Print View

I'm firmly in the knife camp as well.

I always take my Leatherman Juice on every walk. It's always in my pocket and I use it heaps of times through out the day. It's the best 48 grams I carry.

Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: Re:I have a problem.... on 03/24/2009 16:37:33 MDT Print View

I also carry a knife to cut my salami (and more importantly open the vacuum sealed package), but it is a frivolous use really. I was just playing devil's advocate as I know many people feel deeply attached to their knives. I don't think my knife is even sharp enough to cut bandages etc...however a Leatherman Juice is a different beast as it has many other tools on it. In this respect I DO sometimes carry a small pair of scissors, a good set of tweezers and a razor blade, but I have not 'needed' a knife for as long as I've been backpacking. I have also never needed Needlenose Pliers, Wire Cutters, Hard-Wire Cutters, Extra-Small, Small, and Med/Lrg Screwdrivers, Phillips Screwdriver, Lanyard Attachment, Can/Bottle Opener, Corkscrew, Fish Scaler, or any of the other myriad attachments found on many multi-tools (at least not on the trail).

I agree that there are far worse weight:cost savings ratios occurring here at BPL than $47 for 8 oz. That's a real bargain!

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
I have a problem.... on 03/24/2009 16:48:19 MDT Print View

Thanks all - this support is way better (and cheaper) than therapy!

To be frank, I don't remember the last time that I used a knife in the backcountry but an ounce and a quarter for, presumably, some peace of mind if I ever do need it is worth it.

I avoid true night hiking or just use the moon and the EOS is actually too bright for much of what I do. I will keep it, however. If I was to give it away I would then need it at some point. Always the way.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
I have a problem.... on 03/24/2009 16:51:52 MDT Print View

No doubt about it , for a gear addict like David $47 for 8 oz is going to be hard to beat.
To cut salamis you should really use the Opinel. I do miss a good glass of red when I do that.
Talking about the Leatherman, for three moments I felt a bit inadequate because I have a Juice but take a smaller one that I thought it was the Squirt. It's a Micra (s), so I feel a bit better now.

Richard Matthews
(food) - F

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: I have a problem.... on 03/24/2009 17:19:55 MDT Print View

What a bargain... I expect to spend $20/oz.

Michael Chudzinski
(oknowa) - F
knife on 03/24/2009 17:21:25 MDT Print View

I feel naked without a blade. Like Franco,I like Opinels...but I do have a soft spot for the light Leathermans too.

Unknown abc
(edude) - F
"Knife people have a problem...with knives..." on 03/24/2009 17:33:03 MDT Print View

IMO, theres no such thing as a "light" Leatherman as far as the multitools go...

Nate Meinzer
(Rezniem) - F

Locale: San Francisco
Knives don't kill people....people kill people! on 03/24/2009 17:49:03 MDT Print View

Don't infringe on my 2nd amendment knife to carry a right!!!

No, seriously, I like a good fixed blade.

Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: Opinel all the way on 03/24/2009 18:05:49 MDT Print View

Yup. I would never cut a salami with anything other than an Opinel. And no one can infringe on my right to protect myself from salamis with whatever arms I deem appropriate (usually my right arm bears the knife, but my left arm holds the perpetrator in position for the thrust).

Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: Re: Re:I have a problem.... on 03/24/2009 18:16:16 MDT Print View

"But latest figures show an 89 per cent rise in the number of under-16s with serious stab wounds in the past five years and a 75 per cent rise for older teenagers over the same period." -the New Zealand Herald

"A knife is the weapon of choice in countries where firearms, specifically handguns, are not widely available. (reference Mayhew, 19??)" -

Englands Knife crime epidemic:

Joshua Gilbert
(joshcgil2) - F

Locale: Seattle
I have a problem too on 03/24/2009 18:50:40 MDT Print View

lets keep the political discussion to those "other" threads shall we? I've been avoiding them and don't care to see it here either.

I don't really understand not carrying a knife. I mean, I understand it academically, but I carry a knife at home, I carry a small knife to work, I feel naked without one, so I'm carrying one on the trail.

David, we all have a problem, otherwise we'd be on another site. be of good cheer, you're in good company.