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Metamorphosis 4: Monocle
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Addie Bedford
(addiebedford) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Metamorphosis 4: Monocle on 03/24/2009 14:24:48 MDT Print View

Companion forum thread to:

Metamorphosis 4: Monocle

Joe Clement
(skinewmexico) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Metamorphosis 4: Monocle on 03/24/2009 16:02:09 MDT Print View

Great article. Although it was not unthinkable to add an empty can of Pabst Blue Ribbon to your pack, it was definitely unthinkable to buy PBR in the first place! Were they out of beer?

John Whynot

Locale: Southeast Texas
Re: Metamorphosis 4: Monocle on 03/24/2009 18:33:38 MDT Print View

>>Great article. Although it was not unthinkable to add an empty can of Pabst Blue Ribbon to your pack, it was definitely unthinkable to buy PBR in the first place! Were they out of beer?

A great read, and at least they weren't drinking Piels Light...

Dan Mitchell
(dmitchell) - F

Locale: Colorado
monocle on 03/25/2009 10:20:53 MDT Print View

Thanks for the monocle tip. I'll have to try that when I wear my contacts. I have several pair of old reading glasses I can scavenge. Would work great for map and menu reading, too.

Edited by dmitchell on 03/25/2009 10:24:11 MDT.

Nathan Boddy
(nnboddy) - MLife

Locale: Hamilton
Pabst Beer on 03/27/2009 18:35:28 MDT Print View

I won't try and defend myself on that one. I will say, however, that a warm Pabst followed by a backpacking trip makes the Odells IPA taste all the better upon return! (Besides, we WERE in Utah. A guy only has so many options...)

Glad ya'll enjoyed the article.
N. Boddy

Edited by nnboddy on 03/27/2009 18:38:18 MDT.

stefan hoffman
(puckem) - F

Locale: between trees
PBR on 03/27/2009 21:17:03 MDT Print View

Come on admit it. PBR is everyones guilty pleasure. The kind of beer that creates a necessity for a cozy (to cover the label). There are lots of good brews local to Utah though. Squatters, Uintas, Red Rock, and i think Desert Edge Breweries. Great article. Thank you for adding to the list of little alternatives that allow us to ditch gear and enjoy living like animals. :)

Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: PBR on 03/27/2009 21:39:45 MDT Print View

If one more person puts down PBR this thread is going to get ugly! ;)
Seriously, I love fine beer but for an over the counter generic beer PBR rules!
When I go out west I pick up a 12 pack of Tecate.
Narragansett is now available at the local packie as well.

-buy the way Im sipping a PBR as I type this.

Einstein X
(EinsteinX) - F

Locale: The Netherlands
Almost a haiku on 03/30/2009 13:53:31 MDT Print View

"I'd rejoiced in a beautiful morning for no other reason than to see it."



Mike Dreiling
(M-I-K-E-todaD) - F
Re: Re: PBR on 04/08/2009 21:33:40 MDT Print View

I completely agree about the PBR or as it's known in these northern lands, "peeber". Boddy, fantastic article. Very insightful, great imagery, and descriptive writing. ...makes a guy really want to dawn a pack and go for a nice long (and comfortable) hike. Can't wait to read your next article!

Edited by M-I-K-E-todaD on 04/08/2009 21:34:11 MDT.

Mano Cheema
(cheemam) - F
Pah! on 06/03/2009 10:14:01 MDT Print View

Why two contact lenses when one will do?

Jason Malone
(redwood22) - F

Locale: Santa Cruz/Scott's Valley CA
PBR on 02/11/2011 16:51:47 MST Print View

Old style is better.

Miles Giordani
(D0gpile) - F
Constructive criticism on 03/17/2011 22:03:21 MDT Print View

A micro light weighing less than 1 ounce can go a long way! It’s saved my life more than once while needing to look for things in my pack in the middle of the night.