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Ice Axe and Crampons
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Michael Freyman
(mfreyman) - MLife
Ice Axe and Crampons on 01/04/2006 17:10:45 MST Print View


Req's - safe travel across frozen lands. not much of a need for climbing anything one might consider "vertical". Pac boots and possibly lighter means such as hikers/cross trainers; so flexibility in fit is important for the crampons.

5'11", 250 lbs. (290 possible with heavy pack loads), size 12 shoe generally speaking.


larry savage
(pyeyo) - F

Locale: pacific northwest
Re: Ice Axe and Crampons on 01/04/2006 22:20:56 MST Print View

Don't need much of an ice axe for flat ground, though they are nice to guy a tent. Take a look at the petzl snowscopic ice axe, which is designed for more flat travel. I'ld stay away from anything aluminum, maybe a nice pair of instep crampons would work...I do recommend a basic mountaineering class, I tore a real nice pair of goretex pants once because I changed to a different model just missed that fleshy leg part,you'ld also get a little background in self arrest. I'm almost positive someone around here can help you whittle that pack weight down from 40#.

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Michael Freyman
(mfreyman) - MLife
Re: Re: Ice Axe and Crampons on 01/05/2006 16:45:01 MST Print View

Larry ... thanks for your thoughts. My pack is usually 15-25 lbs with consumables. Occasionaly my pack is 40lbs (with consumables) if preparing for a long stretch between resupply. I do like to buy equipment based on a bit of worst case scenarios and since I tend to be on the upper scale of the "typical" male size, I thought it better safe than sorry when seeking recommendations for items capable of supporting my size for self arrest scenarios.

Based on the fact that I wear XXL jackets and XL pants alone, I dont think I could ever reach SUL. Atleast not without being arrested for some lack of clothing. :)

I've certainly spent enough $$$ lately, much to the happiness of several online suppliers, to lighten the load. (+ some MYOG).

Thanks again.

Andy Lewicky
(romanandrey) - F
axe & crampons on 01/06/2006 10:07:04 MST Print View

Axe and crampons can be essential when crossing flat ground--if it's cravassed.

Axe can also be very useful crossing dry talus fields, used as a "crutch" when your legs & spirit have just about had enough.

Grivel Nepal Light, Petzl-Moser Snowwalker are nice light axes, Stubai Ultralight Universal, Grivel Air Tech Light nice light crampons for non-technical use.

Lawton Grinter

Locale: Rocky Mountains
axe and crampons. on 05/24/2006 17:57:13 MDT Print View

i second the Grivel Air Tech crampon nod, and use a Cassin Ghost ice axe - no longer sold in USA it seems, so try a Camp XLA210 or that new light Grivel axe.

axe and crampons on 05/25/2006 20:43:30 MDT Print View


You might also consider the ULA Axis In-Step Crampons and ULA Helix Potty Trowel. Lightest combo set-up around. From your description of end use, it does not sound like you need any thing certified for technical applications.

greg degler
(gregdegler) - F

Locale: West
mi2scents on 09/17/2006 21:03:11 MDT Print View

Hello Mike,
I'm on my 2nd pair of aluminum crampons. Why? Cause the first pair were fantastic. Unless your doing mixed climbing, or feel that you have to walk on bare rock with your crampons on, do yourself a favor and just try the Grivel air techs or Stubai Ultralight Universal. I met a guy and his wife near summit of Mt. Rainier about 5 years ago and both had the Stubai's on and recommended them. I also have a nice pair of steel ones, but usually the aluminum is in my pack (or on shoes). Unless your roped up, this same concept/material goes for the ice axe too.
safe travels,
theThriftstore Mtneer,

James Watts
(james481) - F

Locale: Sandia Mountains
Re: Ice Axe and Crampons on 01/17/2007 22:34:15 MST Print View

Just to clarify, the Grivel Air Techs come in both steel and aluminum (Air Tech Light). I have the steel versions and they are excellent, but a semi-rigid crampon like this may not work well on flexible pac boots or trail runners (anyone tried?). If you aren't wearing stiff boots, get a flexible crampon so you don't break the crampon frame or linking bar.

David Thul
(thuldj) - F

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: Ice Axe and Crampons on 01/28/2007 23:16:39 MST Print View

Good call on the flexible crampons especially if wearing them with non-rigid boots.

It really depends on how much you care about weight, life and ease of use as to whether to go with steel or AL. If you want something to put on and not worry about dulling them by crossing rocks and other crap, just go steel, they will weigh a little more but last a long time and if you ever have the desire to go technical with them you can without worrying about their integrity.

As far as AL goes, if you don't mind having to refile points often after walking on rocks and replacement time depending on how much they are used, go for it, there is definitly a good weight savings.

As far as brand, I would just go with the best price to weight ratio, its a good way to balance priorities. 10 points are fine for non-tech but 12 would probably be your best betif you want something tech ever.

As far as an axe goes, the BD Raven Ultra is light and handles well, but again, if you just go with a good price to weight ration and just scale it with which property is more important you really can't go wrong.


carlos fernandez rivas
(pitagorin) - MLife

Locale: Galicia -Spain
Re: Re: Ice Axe and Crampons on 01/29/2007 05:03:59 MST Print View

grivel sells flexible bars as a spare, to be used with non rigid shoes ....

then you can use grivel air tech crampons with these bars

grivel page extract

""""flex-bar - Art. RB097.18
The crampons with either Classic or New Classic bindings now have a new flexible regulation bar for improved fit and performance on walking boots: flexible and elastic it allows the foot free movement without over-forcing or stressing the bar even over extended use. The flex regulation bars are made of multi-ply stainless steel and work just like a car’s suspension springs. Note: the Flex Regulation Bars can be used on all of Grivel’s crampons.""

ice axe .... grivel air tech racing and BD raven ultra are excellent light all around axes

for walking use cassin gosth, camp corsa, and ULA potty trowel, coud be good options

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