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Camera Case
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Joseph Reeves

Locale: Southeast Alaska
Camera Case on 03/07/2009 21:51:58 MST Print View

What are you all using as cases for camera like the Lumix LX3 or Cannon G10? Would appreciate any input since all I can find are too big or too small.


John Carter

Locale: Pacific Northwest
re: Camera Case on 03/07/2009 22:05:49 MST Print View

For my Lumix LX2, I use the hipbelt pouch on my SMD Essence. Fits real well and is very accessible. Since it's a fabric pouch, it is protected from blowing dust. I also store my balaclava in the pouch, giving it some protection from a fall.

I always leave the wrist strap hanging out of the pouch. This puts the camera in my left pouch. So what I do is slide my right hand into the wrist strap, unzip the pouch with my left hand, and pull the camera out. When I'm done, I reverse it, first zipping the pouch and then removing my right hand from the wrist strap. This prevents me from dropping the camera while getting it out and putting it away. I am able to approach a shot, pull it out, get it ready, stop and shoot, and put it away while walking again. Makes for a very short interruption in my hiking.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Camera Case on 03/08/2009 00:36:23 MST Print View

MYOG, hung on my shoulder strap.


John Quinn
(inspector8598) - M

Locale: Northeast
Re : Camera Case on 03/08/2009 07:17:00 MDT Print View

Joseph, I use the REI electronics pouch (medium) attached to my shoulder strap to carry my camera. The pouch measures 4.5"H X 2.75"W X 1.5"D. It's a perfect size for either one of the cameras that you mentioned. Check it out at

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
Lowepro AW camera cases on 03/08/2009 08:34:42 MDT Print View

I'm currently using the Lowepro Apex 5 AW, it has a rubber bottom and all weather cover, very durable and expandable if need be with a divider in between the compartment. I slip it through my hipbelt strap. The Lowepro Apex 10 AW or 20 AW will likely fit your camera size. I'm looking to go with a neoprene sock style with a hood in the future that attaches onto my shoulder strap, easier to get a camera in and out of when on the trail hiking.

Scott S
(sschloss1) - F

Locale: New England
Ziploc/bubble wrap on 03/08/2009 08:50:33 MDT Print View

I've been looking for a camera case, too, but I haven't found any that I like. Is there any reason why you couldn't use a ziploc freezer bag with some bubble wrap inside of it and maybe a piece of microfiber cloth to go around the camera and prevent scratches? With a few pieces of tape, you could shape the bubble wrap to the dimensions of your camera.

This wouldn't weigh more than 0.5 ounces and would be dust- and water-proof. And the microfiber cloth would be dual purpose (at least for me) since I'd need it to clean my glasses.

(Apparently someone else came up with this idea before me: see here).

Edited by sschloss1 on 03/08/2009 08:54:25 MDT.

Rick Dreher
(halfturbo) - MLife

Locale: Northernish California
Re: Camera Case on 03/08/2009 12:17:28 MDT Print View

Presently using a Lowepro Ridge 30 for the LX3. I suspect it's too small for the larger G10. It holds a spare battery and extra cards. It will not accommodate the optional hood or finder.

It's not waterproof but it does strap to pretty much any backpack, keeping the camera within easy reach.


Ali e
(barefootnavigator) - F

Locale: Outside
"Camera Case" on 03/08/2009 13:14:02 MDT Print View

Joseph, I just sold my G9 but I used a small Tamarac case. I have been using these for about 20 years and never had any issues with them. When Im not in mountian mode I use a domke and it goes vey well with the G9. I just purchased a Nikon d60 not a real workhose but its cheap and kinda light. I loved my G9 but it wasnt fast enough for me. The d60 should comein at around 2lbs with lense heavy but it pays the bills. Ali

Joseph Reeves

Locale: Southeast Alaska
Camer Case for LX3 on 03/08/2009 23:10:56 MDT Print View

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and experience. I've been using my Zeiss compact binocular case for the LX3. I can't find the Tarmac or Lowepro in Juneau, so will have to flip a coin and order online. I have a lensmate adapter for protection and will have to use one of my other camera bags when using it and a filter.

The LX3 takes some good photographs.
Coast Range

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Camera Case on 03/09/2009 18:05:27 MDT Print View

Some use a sock, if carried in a pocket or inside the pack.