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40% off at Backcountry...
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Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: 40% off at Backcountry on 03/02/2009 19:35:34 MST Print View

I caved and bought two items and both have shipped!
All things considered, I'm pretty proud of my self-restraint!

Michael Wands
(walksoftly) - F

Locale: Piney Woods
"40% off at Backcountry..." on 03/02/2009 19:37:43 MST Print View

Wow, just like Christmas.

Followed instructions and it worked like a charm. What a promo. Upgraded the shipping since I saved so much.

Dan Cunningham

Locale: Land of 12,000 Loons
HA! on 03/02/2009 19:40:48 MST Print View

@ Michael Williams... BEST POST in this thread! LOL!! I am almost tempted to go back based on your logic!

jeremy yax
(isenriver) - F

Locale: tennessee
round two... on 03/02/2009 19:55:06 MST Print View

okay, i already got a bunch of stuff. now i'm looking to outfit myself with some new clothes.
can anyone recommend any clothes at that would fit a really tall guy well, me being 6'6" and 160lbs. i generally wear an LT size shirt and 32x34 in pants. i'm not seeing anything in tall sizes....

also, if anyone can recommend a decent inexpensive overnight backpack i could get here, that would be awesome..

btw, this website has the best customer service i've ever come across when it comes to buying stuff online. that little chat window they have is awesome.

Edited by isenriver on 03/02/2009 20:16:54 MST.

Michael Williams
(mlebwill) - F

Locale: Colorado
Re: HA! on 03/02/2009 20:03:19 MST Print View

Depending on who you are - the best post in the thread were the codes. But again it could be the worst.

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
wow on 03/02/2009 20:14:58 MST Print View

Awesome code! I just picked up a Thermarest NeoAir, ULA circuit, Tarptent Scarp 1 and a WM summerlite and saved myself a bunch!

Matt Lutz
(citystuckhiker) - F

Locale: Midwest
Where are we getting these magical wonders? on 03/02/2009 20:18:54 MST Print View

So where did these codes come from?

Nate Meinzer
(Rezniem) - F

Locale: San Francisco
Neoair on 03/02/2009 20:22:51 MST Print View

Wait, they have these already?

I can't find them on the site....

Tad Englund
(bestbuilder) - F - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: wow on 03/02/2009 20:33:57 MST Print View

I think Ashley is pulling your chain- they don't carry ULA or Henry's tarptent, and they are out of summerlite bags. The NeoAir isn't out yet. I looked for it last week and it was nowhere to be found.

Edited by bestbuilder on 03/02/2009 20:43:57 MST.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Ashley on 03/02/2009 20:43:37 MST Print View

Ashley is pure evil. :)

Edited by ben2world on 03/02/2009 20:45:09 MST.

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
Re: Re: Ashley on 03/02/2009 20:52:57 MST Print View

Ha, yes, sorry I was being evil. I mean ironic. That gear is on my "most wanted" list and of course not available at backcountry. The neoair should be in april, but no doubt this code will have been shut down by then. Whoever finds the next one should keep it hush-hush for a month or so ;-)

BTW, backcountry hasn't sold out of summerlites. They just don't carry them for some reason. At least they haven't for the past year or so. Kinda strange, because I would think they would be a big seller.

Especially at 40% off ;-)

kevin smith
interresting on 03/02/2009 21:15:04 MST Print View

the new code worked for me using ie but the interresting thing is its case sensitive

i had to type the code in in capital letters

either way $83.00 for a lightyear 40 down bag is worth a little extra typing

actually it was purchased for a friend but a good deal either way


James Lee
(JLeephoto) - F

Locale: Triad
Awesome Deal on 03/02/2009 22:41:31 MST Print View

Thanks guys. New member here and glad I found these forums. Lots of good info. Rei is also having a 20% member sale + 4.99 flat rate shipping so between these two sites, it'll be a big help getting me outfitted on the cheap. Just bought REI QD T2 tent from REI and a Big Agnes Horse Thief. It's going to be hard not to visit again.

Jim Sweeney
(swimjay) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Once more into the breach on 03/02/2009 23:20:03 MST Print View

Well, another successful foray--a Western Mountaineering Versalite. In Regular, they only had right zip, but at that price I'll learn to use it. I considered the no-payments-for-90-days, but was uncertain if that involved interest charges.

Rodney Davis
(Ramrod) - MLife

Locale: North Carolina
Hate to say, it is still working! on 03/03/2009 06:10:44 MST Print View

Purchased 2 Montbell bags.
Wife will probably make me stay out side from now on!
(fingers crossed)

Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: Hate to say, it is still working! on 03/03/2009 06:19:34 MST Print View

This thing has to quit soon!

I have only so much will-power!

PLEASE, can everyone refrain from using the word "Versalite" in this post! :-)

Michael Chudzinski
(oknowa) - F
enablers... on 03/03/2009 07:15:32 MST Print View

Code worked just fine for me last night. Picked up a Marmot Precip to test the waters. Going to dive in head first today,after I make my list.Thanks for the tip!

Joe Clement
(skinewmexico) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
40% off at Backcountry on 03/03/2009 07:53:25 MST Print View

Versalite, versalite. I have no use for a heavy bag, although I'd love to have another WM. My Megalite gets here Thursday. Wish they had something lighter.

martin cooperman
(martyc) - M

Locale: Industrial Midwest
What's the next valid code? on 03/03/2009 09:44:18 MST Print View

Code 3M5-1-7XKL5 is now invalid (at least for me).

I'm trying to buy another 52 sleeping bags, 75 stoves and 2,163 pairs of smartwool socks and, darn it, I can't get that discount.

So - what's the next valid code?

Marty Cooperman

Nate Meinzer
(Rezniem) - F

Locale: San Francisco
Wm on 03/03/2009 10:12:01 MST Print View


You've been wanting one of those Wm's for a while now.....congrats.

I'm pretty much all set for now....though my brother is coming to town and wants to go backpacking, so I might just HAVE to buy some gear for when he's here. hahah.

Easily justified.