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Gearlist update
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John S.
(jshann) - F
Gearlist update on 12/23/2005 14:09:21 MST Print View

Here is an update of my gearlist, not for the contest. It should work in neooffice or windows excel.

Enter text in upper left
Save document frequently so data is not lost
Enter items/comments
Enter either ounces or grams in red area (don't need to add both); conversion is automatic
Enter 1 in column A for each item going on your trip and each row (below A8) you want printed; as you enter a 1 for each item the weight summary and subtotals will change accordingly
In cell A8 select 1 from the pull-down menu to show only items for trip or rows to be printed
Click column A then format -> column -> hide; repeat for columns J and K
Print preview and/or print
To unhide columns click left uppermost box to left of column A and above row 1; then format -> column -> unhide

Edited by jshann on 12/23/2005 14:10:57 MST.