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Packing List Help.
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Thomas Hood
(mustangpwr98) - F
Packing List Help. on 02/14/2009 09:41:01 MST Print View

This is my list for the AT.
Day 40-50 degree. Night 20-30.
1 and .5 days of hiking with one overnight.

Vapor Trail- 32 0z
Golite Poncho - 10 0z Shelter and rain gear.
Lafuma 40deg Bag -24 oz
Etowah VBL 6 oz
1/2 length Pad- 7oz
groundcloth- 2 oz
Food bag for overnight- 32 0z
2 1 liter plat. - 1.5

Cook Kit - 12 oz
(.7 liter ti Pot,msr ti spoon, BSA esbit stove and 2 tablets, Pot coozy and portable aqua)

1st aid/other- 8 oz
(2 apsrin, 3 im. ad, bandaids etc.., cord and ti stakes, mini bick, fire steel, 1/4 roll tp)

Wind Pants -- 8 0z
Fleece Hat 3 oz
ex socks 5 oz
TOTAL 118.5 or 7.4 lb

Wearing- Capaline long underware, Running shorts, wool socks and boots, Fleece pullover and rei poles.

Edited by mustangpwr98 on 02/14/2009 09:47:13 MST.

Thomas Hood
(mustangpwr98) - F
packing list on 02/14/2009 09:45:36 MST Print View

I am not sure if the 40 deg lafuma bag will get me to 20. Even with long underware, fleece cap and pullover and vbl.

What do you all think?

Only other choices are add heatsheet bivy that I have or carry my 50 oz NF cats meow bag rated to 20 deg.

Any ways you see to cut some weight? (2lb boots are non negotiable)

Matt Ahonen
(Matti) - F

Locale: Western MN
Insulation on 02/17/2009 20:30:59 MST Print View

Without knowing more about the conditions you expect to encounter or how many miles you expect to put on the first day it is a little tricky to analyze your kit, but I wouldn't feel comfortable going out in those temps with the 40* bag and minimal insulation. I would want a wind shirt and something along the lines of a Thermawrap. I would also add at something for my hands.

What kind of fleece jacket will you be wearing? If it is light enough to wear while hiking what will you add when you stop?

I haven't used a VBL, but from what I have read in the posts here it will likely keep you from wearing your insulation inside your bag, limiting your ability to stretch the rating of your bag by 20* How much of a boost do you expect the VBL to give you?



Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: Insulation on 02/18/2009 18:32:49 MST Print View

I agree with Matt re: VBL will negatively effect the warmth of your system because you can't (as in shouldn't) wear your insulation in the bag. Better to use VBL clothing than a bag. I would also add a windshirt.

If it gets down to 20, you almost certainly will feel cold, but not life threateningly so.

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
Re: Insulation on 02/18/2009 19:09:59 MST Print View

No way I'd be going out with that kit if I thought it might get down to 20. I'm an average sleeper and I reckon I would freeze. As a *minimum* I'd want an UL down jacket and pants in a 40 deg bag at 20 degrees. A fleece pullover wouldn't cut it.

YMMV, but that's my 2c. If you can't afford a warmer jacket or bag right now I would take the NF bag despite the weight.