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All in One Stove(kanbanmusume)
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Yukio Yamakawa

Locale: Tokyo,JAPAN
All in One Stove(kanbanmusume) on 12/18/2005 07:00:23 MST Print View

album0001 「ターボー」さんは、JSBの同好の友人の一人です





彼のBLOG と 要約です


117*68 31g、上の穴6.5Φ*32、下の穴8Φ*8 (mm)

ESBIT 1個を、アルミホイルの上に置いて着火します。





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Yukio Yamakawa

Locale: Tokyo,JAPAN
イラストを追加します on 12/18/2005 07:09:11 MST Print View

kanban4 イラストを追加します

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Yukio Yamakawa

Locale: Tokyo,JAPAN
200cc Chimney stove on 12/24/2005 01:31:25 MST Print View




140mm * 68mm 41g


液体アルコール、ESBIT、TRIOXANE などに対応しています。


接着剤は、GM-3500 を使いました。

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Doug Hile
(dhile) - F
so you can read the above on 12/24/2005 16:27:46 MST Print View

thanks to Google translates

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
All In One Stove on 12/24/2005 17:36:28 MST Print View

I have been following several Japanese Blog's on this topic since it was first posted last week. Sometime over the next couple of days I will rewrite Yukio's comments and post them. The computer traslation is only English - sort of. One thing we have to understand about some of the words they use - they have a lot of fun doing this.

For Ryan and others selling gear, they talk/write a lot about US products on their Blog's and seem to buy a lot of light weight gear from here - - and other light weight gear makers.

For now try this:

" The turbo - ", the one person of the friend of same taste of the JSB is

Him with beautiful technique to alcoholic

You remodelled (boring the hole on the side).

Micro size (150cc capacity)

The entire て of the stove, the stand and wind prevention with one somatotype, could surprise us.

That BLOG and summary is

Http: //

The fact that you remodel just bores the hole on the side.

117 * 68 31g, hole 6.5 above Phi * 32, hole 8 under Phi * 8 (mm)

Putting ESBIT 1, on the aluminum foil, it ignites.

The aluminum can which directly poured the water of the 150cc is put. It boils in 2 minute 40 seconds.

Originally with the OUTDOOR, warming the Japanese sake, in order to be able to drink tastily, it was developed.

When the button is pushed in, it is the mechanism where the lime and the water blend and become feverish.

Reversing, it diverts the top and bottom to the stove.

Http: //*BEEP*

* The method of procuring in America is in the midst of searching the JSBJSB

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Yukio Yamakawa
(JSBJSB) The ON 12/18/2005 which adds SUBJECT illustration 07:09:11 MST
Illustration is added

Http: //
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Yukio Yamakawa
(JSBJSB) SUBJECT 200cc Chimney stove ON 12/24/2005 01:31:25 MST

" The turbo - " having an influence on the work,

Those which are increased in quantity in 200cc capacity were made.

140mm & 68mm 41g

Annealing also the inside bottom, after making soft, it is processed convexly.

The liquid alcohol, it corresponds to the ESBIT and the TRIOXANE et cetera.

It is unskillful processing the inhalation hole, but cyclone it burns, (laughing)

The adhesive used the GM-3500.

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