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Need an inflatable pillow
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Christopher Taggart
(ctaggart) - F

Locale: The cut
Need an inflatable pillow on 02/06/2009 12:30:55 MST Print View

I'm in need of an inflatable pillow. I simply cannot sleep without a pillow and figure that an inflatable one would probably be the lightest (with the exception of using my collapsible canteen). Could somebody recommend a light inflatable pillow? It doesn't have to be very large, just enough to keep my head off of the ground.

Unknown abc
(edude) - F
"Need an inflatable pillow" on 02/06/2009 12:32:33 MST Print View

BPL has some ultralight ones.


te - wa
(mikeinfhaz) - F

Locale: Phoenix
inflate to sedate on 02/06/2009 12:46:03 MST Print View

im still using the Uber cheap kid's water wing (floaties)_ cut down the seam. you may find them this time of year for under $1

wrap a fleece around it and youve got a 4" thick pillow. the bpl ones are too squishy for me

Unknown abc
(edude) - F
"Need an inflatable pillow" on 02/06/2009 12:48:33 MST Print View

Your avatar is absolutely hilarious, Micheal!

cheers(pun intended)

Chad Mason

Locale: Arizona
Inflatable pillow on 02/06/2009 13:46:03 MST Print View

I'm a big fan of the montbell inflatable pillow. It's designed with a "divot' in the middle to keep your head from rolling off. Claimed weight is 2.3 ounces. I own 2 and one is 2.3 and the other is 2.6.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Need an inflatable pillow on 02/06/2009 13:52:13 MST Print View

Recently I found the Flex Air pillow inside my "look here when you are bored" stash. Used it for a couple of nights. Very light, I guess the 1 oz/28g weight is accurate, and very comfortable. That is the two chamber version.
I have used the water wing version as well (several) also light and I would suspect more durable. Mostly in the last few years I used the 2L wine bladder , semi inflated with some clothing wrapped around. The Flex Air is the most comfortable.
When I have the Exped Downmat than the pillow/pump ( not the original stuff sack) comes with me. Now Exped have a nicer version of it. Still about 5 oz.

Joe Clement
(skinewmexico) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Pillow. on 02/06/2009 14:28:12 MST Print View

I got a cheap pillow in the camping section of Wallyworld, with a flannel cover and memory foam. I'm replacing the vinyl bladder in it with a flexair pillow I bought on BPL. Don't know what it weighs yet, seems light. Price was right.

Monty Montana
(TarasBulba) - MLife

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: Need an inflatable pillow on 02/06/2009 15:40:05 MST Print View

I, too, require a pillow for a good night's sleep...tried the ol shoes in the stuff sack trick and it didn't work at all. So then I ordered the one-chamber BPL pillow, and it proved an immense improvement, but my head would roll off unless it was only partially inflated. The next year BPL came out with the two-chamber pillow, and it solved all the above problems. It's a keeper!

Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: Need an inflatable pillow on 02/06/2009 15:54:09 MST Print View

I have the Montbell pillow. It is nicely contoured which I think is the secret to its comfort:

(sandykayak) - F

Locale: South Florida
pillow on 02/09/2009 12:26:45 MST Print View

Not inflatable, but I just got this...mmmm

2.5 oz

sandy in miami

Robert Bryant
(KG4FAM) - F

Locale: Upstate
pillow on 02/09/2009 12:30:59 MST Print View

I have never tried it, but some folk have used the bladder out of a box of wine.

te - wa
(mikeinfhaz) - F

Locale: Phoenix
Re: pillow on 02/09/2009 13:03:35 MST Print View

im pretty sure drinking 2L of cheap wine gives the illusion of a good pillow :)

Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: Re: pillow on 02/09/2009 13:46:42 MST Print View

FlexAir 2 chamber gets my thumbs up. I barely inflate one chamber and use it more as a neck roll than a true pillow.

Come to think of it, I can chop it in half and make it a 14 gram/half oz pillow!

Edited by retropump on 02/09/2009 13:47:34 MST.

victoria maki
(clt1953) - F

Locale: northern minnesota
re:pillow on 02/09/2009 13:51:34 MST Print View

I'm with everyone else who has said they like the bpl double chamber pillow. I do go a few ounces more and place it under a small down pillow which goes into a light wt. pillowcase. Makes it just the right height.

Edited by clt1953 on 02/09/2009 13:53:16 MST.