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Royal Ranger Winter Campout 2009
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Judi Henson
(ritzhenson) - F

Locale: The Deep South
Royal Ranger Winter Campout 2009 on 02/02/2009 15:48:32 MST Print View

January 30th & 31st found yours truly at the bottom of a sink hole, in the middle of a cow pasture, in the lovely town of Valhermosa Springs Alabama. Don't bother Googling it...It ain't there, it's that small. It's near the Tennessee River, south of Huntsville Alabama, which surprisingly enough, is on the map.

This was, as the title suggests, a Royal Ranger event. For those of you not familiar, R.R's are, for lack of a more succinct description, Boy Scouts but with the largest emphasis on the Gospel. Our motto: "Reaching, teaching, & keeping boys for Christ."

This particular outing was *supposed* to be for only the boys above 3rd grade. I am the second grade commander at my church. Five Ranger Kids, R.K.'s we call them, accompanied me and my co-commander.My Son, Michael.
Do any of you know how much fun it can be camping with five 7 year old boys? The words Woo Hoo come to mind.

All in all it was pretty cool, litterally. 26° cool. I have to hand it to them though, they held up well. Doing trips like this you always expect to have at least one crying jag, one injury, and one kid that wants his momma. I'm proud to say that none of the above occured. Well, ok, one crying jag...but it was a short one, and I think I would have cried myself in the same situation.

The boys compeated in chalenges durring the day Saturday, and were awarded a bead on their snap ring for every challenge done. The little tyke with the tears dropped his. A needle in a haystack search ensued. The up side to this was the charactor demonstrated by the other boys. Banding together, we found the missing trinket. Where the real show of charactor happened was durring the frantic search. One of the boys offered the sad one his own ring of beads. That's when it became hard for me to keep the water shut off.One of the challengesThe puzzle finished

The most intresting thing for the purpose of this forum would have to be the experiment.
I took this chance to whittle on my gear. Here's a photo to show how we solved the problem of two hammocks, one tarp.We made Bunk-Beds!

Yep, we made Bunk-Beds! Why not...all the other commanders think I'm crazy already with my lightweight gear. I'm here to tout the properties of Reflectix now too! I used one layer in the sleave of my Tom Claytor hammock and stayed toasty warm underneath...did I mention it was 26°?Of course, fire helps too.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoyed it. Peace, Ritz.

Andrew Wolff

Locale: Chattanooga
Royal Ranger Winter Campout 2009 on 02/06/2009 21:01:28 MST Print View

Wow, congrats on keeping young kids happy for two days and a night at that temperature.

Jonathan Boozer
(anywayoutside) - MLife

Locale: South East
Re: Royal Ranger Winter Campout 2009 on 02/06/2009 21:08:09 MST Print View

Good to see everybody having fun!!!

And of course Huntsville is on the map...Represent Ritz.

Cheers from HuntsVegas!


Judi Henson
(ritzhenson) - F

Locale: The Deep South
Hunts Vegas on 02/07/2009 08:26:38 MST Print View

I'm sorry about the comment about the size of my lovely new city. I suppose it's all a matter of perspective. You see, like many Huntsvillians, I am a transplant. I'm originally from the other Rocket City...Houston Texas. The county I'm from (Harris) has a population of the entire state of Alabama. So, to me, although I love this place, it seems like the boonies.

Y'all might be surprised to learn that the kids love this stuff! It wasn't nearly as tough as one might imagine. I guess it's just conditioning. We teach them about all kinds of cool stuff every Wednesday night, so when we go camping, they're just itching to put it into practice! Thanks.

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