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Caldera Keg Clone
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Brett Warren
(warren98) - F - MLife
Caldera Keg Clone on 01/31/2009 11:44:15 MST Print View

Recently I noticed the Caldera Keg from Antigravity Gear. As both a Make Your Own junkie, and really poor, I would like to make a clone.
I've searched the forum's and figure I can make the cone/wind screen and the “pot”. However I didn't see any recommendations for a suitable stove.
After looking here , I decided that the Cat Can Stove or the Mini Zen Chimney/Sideburner Stove (the first two on the page) would be good substitutes, mostly because they look the most similar to the caldera keg stove.
Does anyone have an opinion on the suitability of these two stoves for use inside a caldera style cone, or a recommendation for more appropriate stove design?


peter kvamme
(karacolor) - F

Locale: midwest
Re: Caldera Keg Clone on 01/31/2009 12:00:01 MST Print View

I dont have any information regarding stoves for you, but I wanted to make sure you visit another thread all about a MYOG Heineken Cone system. Lots of good info, as well as some posts directly from Trail Designs.

Scott Littlefield
(sclittlefield) - F

Locale: Northern Woods of Maine
Stove on 01/31/2009 12:07:20 MST Print View

I'm assuming you're talking about using a Heineken Mini-Keg for the Pot (or Fosters, doesn't matter)? That being the case, just bear in mind that side burner stoves tend to not work well with narrow bottom pots. The flames go a bit too wide. Those two stoves you mentioned should work great. I've made both, I recommend the second one - it's a better contained unit (just one piece).

Whatever stove you go for, just make sure it is a center burner for that sort of pot.

Brett Warren
(warren98) - F - MLife
Look-a-like stoves on 01/31/2009 12:34:07 MST Print View

The stove sold with the Caldera Keg looks like a single center burner with some type of double wall with holes on the side. Using that description the Cat stove would be most similar to the caldera stove?

Tim Marshall
(MarshLaw303) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Caldera Keg Clone on 01/31/2009 16:04:44 MST Print View

the zen stove (chimney/side burner) is a fun little stove. I used it a lot before discovering the orion. I think as a chimney it is a very fast stove and should do good in the cone. If you can get the height right.