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3 day gear list
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Mike Farrell

Locale: C.A
3 day gear list on 01/30/2009 16:43:42 MST Print View

Here is my gear list since I have shed 20 pounds of needless weight I was carrying around. This forum and the Lightweight backpacking book have changed me for the better.A few of the items I still need to buy.
Here is a revised list with a lot of changes. Some things will be added. Once I find a suitable pillow. Some items were for a specific occasion {frying pan}{Orivis shirt} and were omitted.The weights are in grams.

Snow peak litemax 56
Snow peak fuel 183
Snow peak fork & spoon 38
Snow peak pot 106
Stuff sacks 19
Micropur 19
MSR coffee filter 27
Sm. Bic 10
Waterproof matches 14

Tooth paste 30
Tooth brush 9
Sm. Towels 72
Soap 32
Jungle juice 32
Platypus water bottles 1L& 2L 61
First aid 132
Compass 64
Head lamp 70

Patagonia base shirt 232
Rei base pants 232
Socks/ 2pair 174
Briefs/2 160
Beenie 40
Mountbell down jacket 177
TNF diad 209
Columbia rain pants 354

WM summerlite 623
SMD lunar solo 768
Tent stakes 110
Tent shock cords 79
Tyvek ground cloth 108
BA sleeping pad 650

ULA circuit 1064

5954 13lb2oz

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Mike Clelland
(mikeclelland) - MLife

Locale: The Tetons (via Idaho)
3 day gear list on 01/30/2009 20:20:31 MST Print View

Mike - Your list is sort of unclear for any kind of review. Try to organize it by catagory. And separate the BASE WEIGHT from the PACK WEIGHT and CONSUMABLES.


1. Are these weights in grams?

2. Three days where? What's the weather? Where are you planning to go? Solo or with a partner?

3. Are the consumables mixed in with the pack-weight data (like oil?)? And, the clothing worn should be a separate total?

4. Questions and feedback about the items below..

ti fry pan 120 - Fry Pan for a 3 day trip??? No need. Nix it.

spatula 22 - No fry pan, no spatula. Nix it.

salt/pepper 21 - Pre spice all your food - Nix it.

water pills 19

sm bic 10

matches 14

oil 63 - for what? Is this a consumable, for eating?

jungle juice 66 - is this bug repellant?

BA chair 177 - A chair? Remember, this is a specilized LIGHTWEIGHT website...

fox socks/ 3pair 2 pair 174 - How may pair? For 3 days, 2 pair is plenty, one for hiking, one for sleeping.

UA briefs/2pair 2 pair 160 - Two pair? One is perfectly fine.

pillow 212 - 212 grams for a pillow? BPL sells a 28 gm inflatable. Or, just use your platypus.

Platypus water bottles 61 - Bottle or bottles? A 2 liter platy is all you need unless you are in death valley.

towels 72 - What are these for?

petzel 70 - Is this a head lamp?

Mike Farrell

Locale: C.A
Changes on 01/31/2009 10:56:09 MST Print View

I have made some changes to the list. This will be used on the JMT between Yosemite and Mammoth. Fly fishing gear will also be added. I will use the bear can as a chair, either my Garcia or I will buy a lighter one.