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42% off everything at, 24 hours only
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Amy Lauterbach
(drongobird) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
42% off everything at, 24 hours only: Jan30 2009 and once more in March2009 on 01/29/2009 17:14:11 MST Print View

Just got this email from IceBreaker:

Until 5pm PST, Friday 30th January 2009 you can feel like you've visited New Zealand too! Purchase from at the New Zealand dollar exchange rate - a saving of 42%. Just enter the coupon code "kiwi" at checkout to take advantage of this 'sweet as' offer.

Edited by drongobird on 04/23/2009 09:43:23 MDT.

Sean Walashek
(caraz) - F

Locale: bay area
awesome` on 01/29/2009 22:29:06 MST Print View


Andrew King
(drewboy) - F

Locale: Arizona
Icebreaker sale on 01/30/2009 05:46:00 MST Print View

Thanks! Got a killer deal on some merino boxers and socks. It sure pays to wait for these sales to come along.

Ben R
(snowfiend131) - MLife

Locale: Western PA
Sweet Deals on 01/30/2009 07:20:31 MST Print View

Thanks a ton for posting this. I loaded up.

Fred eric
(Fre49) - MLife

Locale: France, vallée de la Loire
XXXXX on 01/30/2009 07:22:29 MST Print View

Cannot buy from France, UK etc.. works though if i say i am in the US :p

Dana S
(Naman919) - F

Locale: Richmond, Virginia
:) on 01/30/2009 08:02:56 MST Print View

yessssssssss! i can finally get the Atlas zip in ink!

Richard DeLong
(Legkohod) - MLife

Locale: Eastern Europe / Caucasus
Re: :) on 01/30/2009 11:04:25 MST Print View

Shipping's expensive, though.

Dana S
(Naman919) - F

Locale: Richmond, Virginia
Re: Re: :) on 01/30/2009 11:50:29 MST Print View

I loaded up too :-P

Dave .
(Ramapo) - F - M
42% off everything at, 24 hours only on 01/30/2009 12:16:34 MST Print View

I went to the site, but didn't see any indication of a sale. Do you have to be a member or something like that?

Jim W.
(jimqpublic) - MLife

Locale: So-Cal
Icbreaker on 01/30/2009 12:23:14 MST Print View

No, just put "kiwi" in the coupon code box during checkout. This is on the payment page after you have specified shipping address and billing address. You can put the coupon code in and have it update before putting in your credit card info, even though they're on the same page.

Jeff Antig

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: 42% off everything at, 24 hours only on 01/30/2009 12:28:08 MST Print View

Two pairs of hikers socks and an "ultralight superfine 140" t-shirt. Thanks.

Dave .
(Ramapo) - F - M
42% off everything at, 24 hours only on 01/30/2009 13:04:38 MST Print View

>>No, just put "kiwi" in the coupon code box during checkout.

Right, right. Just like it says in the original post. Sorry about that...should have read more carefully.

Guess I just got excited by the prospect of all that cheap Merino.


Pamela Wyant
(RiverRunner) - F - M
RE: 42% off everything at, 24 hours only on 01/30/2009 15:26:23 MST Print View

I got several pieces. I thought the shipping was relatively reasonable, on par with about everywhere else. $11 and change on a $127 order.

Jim Sweeney
(swimjay) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Gratitude on 01/31/2009 22:02:52 MST Print View

Maybe we should all email Icebreaker (with no reference to the BPL website), expressing our thanks and suggesting they do this again, real soon!

Edited by swimjay on 01/31/2009 22:03:34 MST.

Jason Shaffer
(PA_Jay) - F

Locale: on the move....
42% Icebreaker Discount is STILL ON on 02/16/2009 16:12:43 MST Print View

Hey everybody,
Coupon code "kiwi2" is working right now for 42% off.

EDIT: I don't know when it expires but it worked a second ago.

Edited by PA_Jay on 02/16/2009 16:19:19 MST.

Jim Sweeney
(swimjay) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Jason, you are so right. on 02/16/2009 22:21:08 MST Print View

This is absolutely the best place to buy Icebreaker on the internet right now. I recommend the Atlas short sleeve and half-zips, in ink or black, which can do double duty under a sweater for civilian use.

Note that if you see "available in store", it means you can't order it; i.e., it isn't available at Icebreaker.

Interestingly, no email reached me yet about this promotion, though it may come tomorrow. How did you find out, Jason?

Jim Sweeney
(swimjay) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Flux on 02/17/2009 00:10:56 MST Print View

BTW, this is another indication that, at least in the short term, the world is going down in flames. I'm resolved to go right along with it. One doesn't want to think too closely about why Icebreaker is doing this, but remember that warm clothing will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no clothing, or something like that.

Rod Lawlor
(Rod_Lawlor) - MLife

Locale: Australia
Overblown Inventory on 02/17/2009 03:09:54 MST Print View

It probably indicates that Icebreaker got caught out with their 8-10 month lead in on production and now have a lot of inventory that they can't sell at their standard prices.

Their options for next year are to run a smaller inventory and or drop their prices. My guess is that they'll need to do both. There will be even less buyers next year, and having offered such deep discounts this year, those buyers will expect it again next year.

The problem with dropping inventory is keeping your suppliers happy and on board.

Dana S
(Naman919) - F

Locale: Richmond, Virginia
Re: Overblown Inventory on 02/18/2009 06:54:56 MST Print View

I figured i'd take some more of it off their hands.

Coupons still works as of last night.

- Dana

Rich Steixner
(neognosis) - F
where is my stuff? on 02/18/2009 07:01:13 MST Print View

I ordered a bunch of stuff on January 28, and is has yet to show up, and my emails to icebreaker go unanswered. FWIW