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Gros Morraine NP/ Newfoundland, Canada
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Erik Graf
(VanGo) - F

Locale: Southeast
Gros Morrne NP/ Newfoundland, Canada on 01/22/2009 09:43:15 MST Print View

Has anyone ever been to Newfoundland or hiked in this park. Considering a trip there in the coming year. I would be curious as to your thoughts on your visit (hiking, traveling, accomodations, etc.).

Subject line CORRECTED!!! THANKS!!!!

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John Whynot

Locale: Southeast Texas
Re: Gros Morraine NP/ Newfoundland, Canada on 01/22/2009 20:11:16 MST Print View

Do you mean Gros Morne? If so, there is an article in Backpacker Magazine by Laura and Guy Waterman. The article is a bit dated (1977), but it should give you some ideas. Google "guy waterman gros morne", and you'll find the article in Google Magazines...

Erik Graf
(VanGo) - F

Locale: Southeast
Thanks on 01/23/2009 11:24:18 MST Print View

I'm sorry, yes, that is what I meant. I have a one page article from either Backpacker or NG Adventure on the trails and the rather large canyon (for lack of better description). I was looking for someone who may have been there to get their impression of the park, travelling there, and other travel considerations (driving, accomodations, food, etc.).

Thanks for your reply.

Inaki Diaz de Etura
(inaki) - MLife

Locale: Iberia highlands
Gros Morne on 01/23/2009 16:26:08 MST Print View

I was hiking there a few years back. The place is amazing: beautiful, pristine and quite remote feeling once you get off the day hiking routes. I was in Gros Morne basically to hike the Long Range Traverse and that's all I know first hand as far as the hiking goes. There are many trails but it seems they're all short trails and there's no trail interconnection to link long routes. At the time I was there (2003), the only option for a multiday trip was on the LRT, maybe linking also with the North Rim Traverse. Both are wilderness and trail-less. The LRT didn't look like too challenging to me but I had good weather most of the time. It's said the North Rim is much rougher. Stablished trails are apparently (don't know first hand) well marked and cared for, they're meant for day hiking.

I stayed in Rocky Harbour, it's a small place and apparently the biggest town in the park. I just stayed there the night before and after the hike in two different hostels. I remember there were several guest houses and at least a hotel. There are also campgrounds in the NP.

I had no car so I used bus transport to get to the NP. Driving seemed quiet and easy and the biggest danger is apparently elk crossing.

About the most amazing thing in Newfoundland is the local people. That's a lot to say about a place where nature is so amazing.

I wrote a report for my website but unfortunately never found the time for the english version. You can still see how some of the Long Range Traverse looks like though:

Feel free to ask if you think I can still help.

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John Haley
(Quoddy) - F

Locale: New York/Vermont Border
Re: Gros Morne on 01/23/2009 16:44:36 MST Print View

A number of years ago my wife and I hiked much of the area. The views from the plateau's of the higher mountains gave fantastic vistas of the fiord like inlets and the high mountain ponds. I remember lots of scree on some of the mountain routes we took, and also being in the clouds for periods as they blew in off the ocean. I have lots of photos if I can ever get my scanner working. I found Newfoundland very interesting and scenic, particularly the western coast from Gros Morne all the way to L'Anse aux Meadows. As you head north get ready to eat LOTS of fish, particularly Cod in every imaginable form.

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Tom Clark
(TomClark) - MLife

Locale: East Coast
Re: Gros Morne on 01/25/2009 18:47:01 MST Print View

Wow, what a range of landscape. It looked like a great trip, too bad there's no English version for us to read.

Erik Graf
(VanGo) - F

Locale: Southeast
Thanks on 01/26/2009 13:07:24 MST Print View

Hey, thanks for the information.

The photos are great - the one you have looking down the fjord of Western Brook Pond it an image I had seen which got me interested in the area. Your description of the trails is similar to what I've read thus far.

John, did you stay in any places (B&B's, hostels, Hotels) and did you drive the area.

Thanks again!!!

Jonathon Barricklow
(bearpdt) - F
Re: Gros Morne on 02/24/2009 15:46:50 MST Print View

Please keep us posted on what you find for travel. A friend and I are also looking into hiking the LRT in July.

John Haley
(Quoddy) - F

Locale: New York/Vermont Border
Re: Re: Gros Morne on 02/24/2009 16:03:24 MST Print View

Erik... Yes, we drove the entire west coast all the way to L'Anse aux Meadows, but we stopped and hiked extensively in the Gros Morne region before we headed further north. The trip, once away from the trail, was mainly in jumps between fishing villages with stops at B&B's or a motel whenever we could find one. We'd ferried the car from Sydney, NS. Nice smooth, and seemingly quick passage over, but a long and very rough passage back. Enjoyed the "double" summer time, although it took me awhile to actually figure why I was an hour off. If I get back there I plan to take the passenger ferry all the way up the Labrador coast.

Jeremy Hockin
(bluenoser) - F

Locale: Nova Scotia
Re: GM on 02/26/2009 19:13:49 MST Print View

I am also looking at heading there this summer. I am relatively close and am in Newfoundland on business a lot, but I don't know that it is the type of trip I would want to do alone. From what I've seen it's the most beautiful wilderness in Atlantic Canada.

Matt Vandenberg
(matty204) - F
east coast on 03/03/2009 13:45:06 MST Print View

Heading out east this summer, any tips on what trails/areas to hike? I haven't found to much by searching the net. Ive looked at the east coast trail a bit, thats all.