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Make a ThermoJet MicroLite
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Ryan Faulkner
(ryanf) - F

Locale: Mid atlantic, No. Cal
Make a ThermoJet MicroLite stove on 12/09/2005 21:06:50 MST Print View

This stove design looked really cool, I had never seen a simmer attached to the windscreen/ pot stand.
but unfortunatly, I learned after reading reveiws that this stove is hard to get, so I made my own.

I used my old red bull top burner stove, but any top burner stove will work. (too bad 90%of my stoves I made are side burnres
:-) )

My drill messed up on some of the holes, that is why they arent all perfect circles, but it still works, I just should have been more careful
***EDIT*** I smothed out the holes with a different drill bit, they now look normal (any holes in the pictures that look strange are now good looking:-)

I did change a few things, I made it compatible with my tent stakes instead of the extra weight of steel rods.

I made it to the dimensions on the thermojet site with some thin aluminum sheeting I found in my garage

Total weight: 2.00oz
here is the stove rolled up
Image hosted by

the stove inside of the rolled up windscreen/pot stand

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

from pictures it was a little un clear how the simmer attachments ends were connected

Image hosted by

stove set up

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

my open country steel 2 quart pot fits perfectly

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

rolls up to the size of a candle lantern

Image hosted by

fits good in my pot

Image hosted by

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Joshua Mitchell
(jdmitch) - F

Locale: Kansas
Have you played with the 'simmering' feature yet? on 12/10/2005 08:27:05 MST Print View

well done, nice build.

Ryan Faulkner
(ryanf) - F

Locale: Mid atlantic, No. Cal
Re.Make a Thermojet Microlite on 12/10/2005 08:32:38 MST Print View

I have not yet tried simmering, and I am now out of methenol but the simmering feature looks awsome :-(

the only problem with my stove is that not all the large holes are perfect circles, because I used the wrong kind of drill bit :-(

R Alsborg
(FastWalker) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Re: Make a ThermoJet MicroLite stove on 12/10/2005 11:16:11 MST Print View


I assume you still have all 10 fingers because your still posting on BPL and to insure this Stop Using Wood Drill Bits and PLEASE…. get yourself some high speed steel step drill bits when drilling the larger holes in your windscreen / pot stand. Not only are these bits Safer but you end up with a smoother diameter hole with little or no bur’s to cut you or your valuable equipment. They are a must have item for what your doing and they work great on most metals and plastics too, put it on your Christmas List you’ll be surprised at how much easier they are to work with and also the results.


Edited by FastWalker on 12/10/2005 11:37:51 MST.

Ryan Faulkner
(ryanf) - F

Locale: Mid atlantic, No. Cal
Re: Re: Make a ThermoJet MicroLite stove on 12/10/2005 11:20:06 MST Print View

Thanks Roger,

the wood drill bits did not work well except on a few of the holes, I actually think I have something similar to those bits, mabey I will use it to smooth out the holes.

thanks again

Ryan Faulkner
(ryanf) - F

Locale: Mid atlantic, No. Cal
Re: Re: Re: Make a ThermoJet MicroLite stove on 12/10/2005 11:26:44 MST Print View

I just smoothed out the holes, they are a little larger, but look a lot better

so any holes that look bad in the pictures now look normal :-)

thanks again Roger

Edited by ryanf on 12/10/2005 11:41:28 MST.

Ryan Faulkner
(ryanf) - F

Locale: Mid atlantic, No. Cal
Make a ThermoJet MicroLite esbit? on 12/10/2005 14:16:43 MST Print View

with the seperate pot stand, I found that if you simply flip the stove burner upside down it works as a great little stand for and esbit tab to sit on, making the Thermojet Microlite a even more versatile system accepting both alcohol and esbit fuels

(saizai) - F
Blueprint on 01/10/2006 19:50:36 MST Print View

Any chance you could provide a pic or drawing of it flattened w/ measurements, or instructions on how to make it?

What material did you use?

Also - couldn't it be modified slightly to be adjustable-size? Just add a couple more matching holes for paperclipping. Wouldn't be true-adjustable, but could set it at a few diameters for whatever pots you have.

One other mod: what if you made the ventilation holes evenly spaced with solid bits, and have an identically-drilled simmer sleeve? You could put it over the holes - maybe have nubs of some sort that keep it from sliding down - and rotate to control simmer instead of moving up/down. Finer / easier control.

For that matter, you could probably make a bunch of them at a time, by stacking the aluminum and drilling through several at once. I wonder if it'd make a difference to use titanium sheet (other than probably costing a lot more, and being hard to get).

Last point: does the burner type matter? Did you make yours or buy it?

Edited by saizai on 01/10/2006 19:51:33 MST.