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JMT-Starting Point
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Jay Wilkerson
(Creachen) - MLife

Locale: East Bay
JMT-Starting Point on 01/17/2009 07:07:57 MST Print View


Edited by Creachen on 01/17/2009 07:11:17 MST.

Chris Morgan
(ChrisMorgan) - F

Locale: Southern Oregon
JMT Starting Point on 01/17/2009 10:01:45 MST Print View

Wow. I can't wait for this summer (hopefully).

Is that Yosemite Valley? I am still trying to decide where to start. Is Glacier point worth seeing? Does anyone know if you can get a permit for Sunrise, start at Happy Isles, and "day hike" to Sunrise?

I think this is the order that I will try for:
1. Happy Isles to Little Yosemite Valley, or HI to Sunrise/Merced pass through
2. Glacier Point to little Yosemite Valley
3. Sunrise Lakes?
4. Lyell Canyon

Are there any before Tuolumne Meadows/Lyell Canyon that I am missing, or any better options?


Jim W.
(jimqpublic) - MLife

Locale: So-Cal
JMT- Starting Point on 01/17/2009 10:17:48 MST Print View

My opinion...

If you're going to hike the whole JMT then start at Happy Isles. Otherwise you're skipping the first bit. It is a surreal experience to start out the trail with thousands of other "hikers" and watch the crowds diminish more and more until you're only seeing a party every hour or so past the Half Dome turnoff.

Regarding Little Yosemite Valley vs. the "Pass Through" option on the permit, I'm still confused. I BELIEVE that with LYV you can either camp there or keep going, but with "Pass Through" you must get past the Half Dome turnoff for your first night.

In any case, I arrived in Yosemite on a Saturday evening last August, camped at the backpacker's camp, and was first in line for permits at about 5:00 AM. I got a first-come permit for LYV and hit the trail about 9:00. By noon I had chosen a campsite and was soaking my feet in the Merced. After a nap, at about 4:00 I changed my mind and headed up the trail a few more miles.

Even though I was trying to take it very easy the first day, LYV just seemed too short. If you're going to climb Half Dome I would still plan to camp past the Half Dome turnoff at the Cloud's Rest trail junction instead of LYV.

In other words go for the Pass-Through permit but don't worry if you get the LYV instead.

Jay Wilkerson
(Creachen) - MLife

Locale: East Bay
JMT-Starting Point on 01/17/2009 10:22:36 MST Print View

I started at Glacier Point but Happy Isles and Curry Village was my first choice. I would suggest Happy Isles to get the entire feel of Yosemite Valley and all its grandeur. The drive through the valley alone is awesome!

Mark Edgren
(mackgren) - F
How long? on 01/19/2009 05:02:42 MST Print View

Hey Jay,
How long did it take you to do the JMT? Did you do it alone, and did you resupply at Red's Meadow or just bring all your consumables with you? Thanks Mark