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Tarptent Sublite Tent Review
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Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Tarptent Sublite Tent Review on 12/03/2010 12:58:30 MST Print View

Or buy a Moment for the same weight as a Sublite and small tarp.

Kevin Haskins
(kevperro) - F

Locale: Washington State
Re: Tarptent Sublite Tent Review on 12/03/2010 13:05:19 MST Print View

Plenty of ways to skin a cat. I guess I fret over condensation more than I do rain. I've yet to have either actually cause me serious grief so I'm not sure why I worry about it.

Kevin Haskins
(kevperro) - F

Locale: Washington State
Tarp-Tarp-Tent on 12/08/2010 17:41:08 MST Print View

Ok... I've moved on this idea. Henry sent me the Sublite in Tyvek pronto so I already have that and after getting some measurements and cutting a prototype tarp from plastic I ordered a custom 6'x6' square flat Cuben tarp from Joe at ZPacks. Weight on my Sublite with stuff-sack & tent pegs is 20.4 oz. I don't have the tarp yet but based upon Joe's weights for his larger tarps, it should be 3oz or less. Stakes and guy lines add another 2 oz at most. Total weight of the system should fall in the 25-26oz. range.

Total Cost... $179 for the Sublite & $95 for the 6x6 tarp from Joe which puts it in the range of most premium solo tents.


*Basically a hybrid double wall tent design that is really flexible due to the use of a simple flat tarp for optional outer.
*Should provide excellent rain protection with the extra tarp covering the body of the Tyvek tent. The mostly vertical portion is exposed by the head so water should sheet off easily and even if there is penetration it is at the head of the tent not on your down bag.
*Huge vestibule area with adjustable height for cooking in good or bad weather.
*Very breathable condensation resistant inner that is usable on it's own in good conditions. Leave the tarp behind if you have known good weather.
*Full-rain coverage for door.
*Neither material will stretch like silnylon.
*Quick easy pitch without the need for trees.
*Pitch in the rain without getting inside of tent wet.
*Tarp on it's own is an emergency shelter or can be used for other treks with different tents.

Edited by kevperro on 12/10/2010 12:27:35 MST.

Kevin Haskins
(kevperro) - F

Locale: Washington State
Update on 01/10/2011 22:02:13 MST Print View

I'll update this as time goes on for the sake of others looking to purchase the tent.

I have the tent and at this point have only set it up for seam sealing. First impression is that the size is perfect. The area inside the tent is perfectly sized, not too large, not too small. The area at the foot is more than sufficient to keep my bag from brushing against a wall. The front is perfectly proportioned for easy sitting up and changing clothing without resorting to contortions. I'd say that dimensionally Henry nailed this one for solo use.

I played around with various ways to tighten the pitch thinking of possibly adding a tie-down on the sides but with experimentation came to the conclusion that Henry has already done a good job. There are two spots on the side that allow you to stake out the sides which may give a more taught pitch and I think that is more than sufficient for the design envelope of the product. I'm adding some glue to the main support... top and bottom because the entire tent is supported from this one location. Glue on both inside and outside seams in this area.

I'm replacing the Easton stakes with my own Titanium ones and/or MSR ground hogs. I'll carry some of each because in some locations the ground hogs are tough to beat.

I have yet to receive the tarp. Once I have that and we get some good weather I'll update with some photos and weights. Then once again I'll update this over the year as I use the system.

William Moon
(moon) - MLife

Locale: Central Utah
Re: Tarptent Sublite Tent Review on 02/23/2011 14:39:53 MST Print View

This will probably sound like a dumb question but where would be the best place to put a pack inside the Sublite to keep it dry without it touching the sides of the tent?

James Lantz
(jameslantz) - F

Locale: North Georgia
Where to put your pack in Sublite on 02/23/2011 17:57:52 MST Print View

I put my empty pack under my sleeping pad at about the level of my knees.