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JRB Mt Washington as an over quilt on the ground?
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Bill Adams
(Twilliger) - F
JRB Mt Washington as an over quilt on the ground? on 01/02/2009 12:42:38 MST Print View

I love the loft and the design of the Mt. Washington quilt from JRB, though I am concerned that 42" of width will not snug up very well on the ground as an over quilt.

I am 6' and 175 lbs - any opinions out there from users or makers of these quilts?

my goal is versatility - under hammock, top quilt hammock, over quilt on ground, flat as a blanket , rescue for persons jumping from burning building :-)



(Conductor) - MLife

Locale: Sierra Nevada
JRB QUILTS on 01/02/2009 16:41:00 MST Print View

I have a Hudson River at 48” width, and I absolutely love it! I’m 6’2” @ 200lbs. I used it last summer on a JMT thru-hike in a Squall Classic. At different elevations I could adjust the foot box/ neck openings and tuck to regulate temperature. A few weeks ago (just for giggles), I put it in a new bivy, got bundled up, and slept out on my deck @ 12 degrees F. Toasty! Currently it’s opened on the couch for movie watching.

te - wa
(mikeinfhaz) - F

Locale: Phoenix
JrB quilt on 01/02/2009 16:58:09 MST Print View
in the pics you can see Jack (Pan) under the quilt with the omni tape mod attached to a JrB "pad converter". He is about your size and it looks like it fits, but without the pad converter I wouldnt say it is wide enough. I have a 41" wide quilt and it doesnt work on the ground too well for me, and Im a smaller frame than you are.
But to be sure, ask Jack Tier.
If you are curious about the quality of anything they make, I have owned many of their items including 2 quilts, and the BMBH. Great items. They care about quality.

If you are looking for versatility, and warmth, you might consider the Rocky Mtn. Sniveller instead. For someone jumping from a burning building, that green would be easy to spot from the air :)

Edited by mikeinfhaz on 01/02/2009 16:59:46 MST.

john Tier
(Peter_pan) - M

Locale: Co-Owner Jacks 'R' Better, LLC, VA
Mt Washington Quilt on 01/03/2009 05:41:43 MST Print View

The Mt Washington quilt was designed to achieve a zero degree capabilty as an under quilt for hammock users...

At 42 inches of inside girth it is trim....Realize though you get all 42 inches... The outer girth is over 60 inches and the baffles are body contoured....Bt contrast, flat quilts and bags designs will loft inward as well and feel closer.

It easily reaches the ground for 200 pounders and it has full loft all the way to the ground.... But for ground use it must be modified with the full length omni tape and used with the JRB Down to Earth Pad Converter (or attached to a pad of your choice)to avoid drafts...

Most will need a pad or two for winter so including a DTEPC in the mix is easy.

For the weigh club... MWUQ is 28 oz (with 4+ inches of loft)FLOT is 1.1 oz...DTEPC is about 10 oz.