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Shenandoah Winter Gear List
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Justin Marney
(gotascii) - M

Locale: Shenandoah
Shenandoah Winter Gear List on 12/31/2008 13:32:09 MST Print View

I recently started a thread re: shenandoah winter clothing systems:

I got some great feedback and since then have put together and backyard tested most of the gear list attached to my profile:

Just to reiterate I'll be spending 2-3 days at time exploring. I don't plan to be out in heavy snow or rain or in temperatures below 15deg. However, as was mentioned in the linked post above the temperature has a wide variation depending on your location in the park and I do want to be prepared for unforeseen rain, snow, or low temperatures.

Weights listed are manufacturer weights. Some are missing. At this point I am focused on completeness and I'll start gram counting once I have a good base list :)

Gear Comments
Map, sunscreen, & chapstick in aloksak in backpack's outer mesh pocket.
My first aid kit matches my skill (WFA certified) and balances my concerns with weight as well as I could.
Whistle & swiss army knife are on the compass lanyard which I keep on a carabiner on a belt loop and in my pocket.
First aid is in a ziplock, which is in an aloksak that has the survival, repair, & hygiene items.
That aloksak goes into a 15L outdoor research dry sack along with my balaclava, gloves, mitts and windshirt.
That dry sack gets packed on top of everything else which is in the compactor bag.
Everything gets packet against a deflated torsolite (in the bag), a few puffs gives me a great frame.
3 stoves!? I just got all three for xmas so I'll be testing them out and picking one.

Clothing Comments
MTS serves the purpose of a light-weight fleece layer.
REI wool liner socks + 1 or 2 pairs of wool socks are worn while hiking (two are padding in shoulder straps and for sleeping).
My glove situation is lacking insulation.
The beyond pants are water-resistant soft-shell and I also have a DriDucks jacket. Should I just bringing the DriDucks jacket and leave the precip and driducks pants behind (saving me 20oz)?

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

Jon Rhoderick
(hotrhoddudeguy) - F - M

Locale: New England
Re: Shenandoah Winter Gear List on 01/07/2009 20:53:22 MST Print View

I'd say go out and test it all Justin, it seems like a really nice setup, with alot of quality products, you have a very intelligent first aid and survival kit (make sure you can test out the fire starting techniques out in the winter as well) Gloves I've used that have worked have been the Black diamond wool weight, i have used other softshells and liners that are not nearly as warm for the weight. I also have a pair of RBH designs UL mitts, which are light enough that I would bring them on this trip if I was doing it, but still warm enough for 0 to -10 at least (the full version has been tested down the -40 so I bet theres more milage in them)