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Sierra nevada summer List for two
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michelle Annett
(andrewz) - F
Sierra nevada summer List for two on 12/19/2008 17:10:15 MST Print View

This list will contain shared items that both my girlfriend and my self will be using for backpacking in the summer sierras.

Shelter + sleeping
Golite jam 2 modified - 17 oz
Double rainbow - 40
Big agnes clear view rectangle - 21 oz ( i have tried GG pads and other and have decided i want the comfort.)
Double quilt - 30 through 40 oz ( having it made by Tim still working details out )
GG Polycryo Ground Cloth - 5 oz
Tite-Lite Titanium Stakes 6 - 1.32 oz
BPL FlxAir Dual Compartment pillow - 1.0
Sea to summit silk double - 8 oz ( gf really wanted it to put ontop of the clear view sticky pads. Not sure if i am keeping this or not)

weight - 128 oz - 8.02

Clothing worn and carried

Rail riders adventure shirt - 6.8 ( used last year in temps 100+ works good )
Rei sahara pants/shorts - ? not sure scale broke. (works decent in light rain ) (sleep system )
golite phantasm rain jacket - 11 oz
Backpacking Light Merino UL Long John Pant - 4.2 ( sleep system )
Backpacking Light Merino UL Shirt long sleave - 5.7 (sleeping system)?
Cocoon UL 60 Balaclava - 2.1 (sleep system)
SmartWool Adrenaline Hiking Socks (x2) 4.0
ExOfficio Boxer Briefs (X2) 3.6

weight - 49 oz - 3.11

Bodyglide 2.4
Duct Tape 0.2
Toothbrush 0.5
Toiletry Kit (to take tp or not have not decided yet)
Survival Kit 1.0
First Aid Kit 1.0
Silva Polaris Compass 1.0
Petzl Headlamp 2.0
Map 3.3
Bandanna 1.1
Ipod mini 4.0
Swiss Army Knife 0.8
Safety Whistle 0.2
Olympus Stylus 1030SW Camera 6.9
lip balm - tiny = 0.3
sun block - repackaged neutgina 45 = 0.8 oz

weight - 24 oz - 1.53

FireLite SUL-1100 Titanium Cookpot - 3
Mini Bic Lighter 0.4
Fuel 4
titanium spork - .25
MSR Pocket Rocket 3.0
sea to summit small and large stuff sack - 1.7
water bottle - platypus 2 liter size = X2 2.6 oz

weight - 14.90 oz

not including 2 liters of water and food my pack will weigh 13.7. also i wont be carrying all of this. My gf will be splitting the cooking and shelter items with me.
This list is for the sierras in the summer. These weights that i have given are also "rough" some items i am not sure if i am getting yet and or did not know the weight. Look forward to your guys critques and hopefully not to harsh critism :-).


Edited by andrewz on 12/19/2008 17:18:00 MST.

Sean Walashek
(caraz) - F

Locale: bay area
just a thought on 12/21/2008 15:52:55 MST Print View

It may not be the case but you may find the clearview to be cold in terms of under insulation if nights are going to drop below a certain ammount. You may want to bring a thinlight for the bottom

Edited by caraz on 12/21/2008 15:54:27 MST.

Nate Meinzer
(Rezniem) - F

Locale: San Francisco
Clearview Pad on 12/21/2008 18:22:41 MST Print View

I have a 6-foot rectangular Big Agnes AirCore and it weighs 22 oz, so there's really no reason to use a Clearview rectangular if you're only shaving an ounce. I'd go for a shorter variety (or mummy) and get it down to 11 to 14 ounces. (The mummy 78" is 15 ounces. The rectangular 72" is 15 ounces.) Unless you need the extra which case your'e stuck with the 23 ounce variety.

And ditto about using a CC foam pad underneath (which I would use even with the AirCore).

Edited by Rezniem on 12/21/2008 18:24:30 MST.

michelle Annett
(andrewz) - F
Re: Clearview Pad on 12/22/2008 10:51:42 MST Print View

Well their is the thing, as petty as a excuse this is i wanted the big Agnes clear view "wide" and now that i looked again its 23 oz clear view and 31 ounces wide for the one you have. I have tried GG pads and just wanted more padding, i have tried thermarest 4 large-wide and don't like the 2lbs 1 ounce. I am a big buy 6'3" 230 pound and don't like my shoulder blades hanging off the pad. It feels awkward having them hang so far below. I have not bought the pads yet but i pretty much have 2 choices i think. Suck it up and get a regular 20 wide pad and not 25, Or deal with the extra weight.

michelle Annett
(andrewz) - F
Re: just a thought on 12/22/2008 10:54:13 MST Print View

I have done some reading about the clear view and as many reviews i could find. A lot of people said they could get it down to 30-40 fairly fine and one guy i read said him and his 4 buddies went in the sierras 20-30. Also if i decided to carry along the weight of the double silk for my gf wouldn't that add a little bit of warmth seeing how we would be sleeping on top of that.

Nate Meinzer
(Rezniem) - F

Locale: San Francisco
Well, you can try it on 12/22/2008 13:01:59 MST Print View

I read that review and I was skeptical. It was a bit too glowing. But a GG thinlight adds 1.5 oz and peace of mind....if your pad isn't insulated enough, no amount of silk liners or down sleeping bags will help. The air beneath you will chill you, and it sucks. Just my two cents--I take a GG thinlight pad on every trip. Light-weight peace of mind.