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New ULA Circuit 2009
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Christopher Graf
(cgraf) - M

Locale: So Cal
New ULA Circuit 2009 on 11/30/2008 15:18:50 MST Print View

Redesigned 2009 Circuit is out.

New Color???
Optional Single Stay
Available in Short Torso
Additional frame sheet for more support

Looks nice......

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Mark Larson
(mlarson) - MLife

Locale: Southeast USA
Re: New ULA Circuit 2009 on 11/30/2008 15:49:20 MST Print View

It does look good. Sounds like some worthy improvements for not much weight penalty. I like the roll-top.

I don't think that's a new color, though, just the pack was photographed in different, yellower lighting from the norm.

Here's the link.


Diplomatic Mike

Locale: Under a bush in Scotland
Re ; New ULA Circuit 2009 on 11/30/2008 16:15:45 MST Print View

Looks good. I love my Conduit, and i'm 'maybe' in the market for a new winter pack.
I must resist! I must resist! I must ............

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
New ULA Circuit 2009 on 11/30/2008 20:20:29 MST Print View


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Casey Burnett
(Casey_ULA) - F
Re: New ULA Circuit 2009 on 12/11/2008 09:03:44 MST Print View

Hello to answer the following

'I wonder if that is with the stay or not'

The 36oz 09 Circuit weight is a Med Frame, Med Hipbelt with no options.

The new optional Single Aluminum Stay is an additional ~2.0


ULA Customer Service

Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Circuit on 12/11/2008 10:41:52 MST Print View

Are you guys going to post some more pictures of the pack soon? I may just have to drive to Hot Springs and check it out myself.

Brian OKelly
(losthillsguy) - F
ula circuit on 12/11/2008 13:24:08 MST Print View

I own a 2008 Circuit and used it on several trips last summer including a JMT hike. I can see why they did the redesign of the back support area. For me, and two others I ran into on the JMT, the pack had a tendency to "bunch up" in the lumbar area and the pad would fold over.

That being said, it wasn't a bother as there is space in your lumbar. I found the pack very comfortable with 20-30 lbs. and thought the overall design, materials, and construction very good. Would I buy another one... in an instant.
On the summit of Mt Whitney with the ULA Circuit
A great pack for a lightweight packer who has to carry a bear canister.

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Brett Grizzle
(bdgriz) - F

Locale: Northeast GA
easy fix for 08 circuit on 12/11/2008 14:29:14 MST Print View

Hi Brian,
I also have an 08 circuit and I too noticed some bunching/wrinkling in the lumbar area when the pack was loaded down. I found an easy way to fix this if you're interested. I just removed the foam from the backpanel and used it to cut a new peice from a Blue foamy from Wall mart (this foam is thicker and stiffer) this took care of any folding up of the foam or wrinkling of the mesh. It's very easy to get the original padding out, putting the new one in is a little more difficult, but all in all I think it took me a total of maybe 10 min

Jeff Jeff
(TwoFortyJeff) - F
Conduit on 12/14/2008 00:04:25 MST Print View

Sorry to hijack a dead thread, but has anyone gotten their hands on the 2009 Conduit? Could we get a photo of the new drawstring closure? I'm worried I'll miss the old rolltop style.

Jim Yancey
(jimyancey) - F

Locale: Missouri
New ULA Conduit on 12/14/2008 09:00:34 MST Print View

I just bought a 2009 Conduit. I will try to post some pics of the top closure later today. I think it will add a bit more functionality to the pack in that it is a bit less "fiddly" to open. The top can still be rolled up a bit and then secured with the top strap.

Incidentally, I have a 2008 Conduit, size S/M that I will be selling. I will be away for the holidays, so it may be after the first of the year before I post it. I bought the pack used on these forums, but it is in virtually brand new condition. Unfortunately it is just a bit too small for my torso, so I bought the new 2009 model in M/L. It seems to fit very well, and it is light as a feather! I think I'm really going to like it.

If anyone is interested in the '08 Conduit, please PM me or email at jyancey AT ktis DOT net

Jason Klass
(jasonklass) - F

Locale: Parker, CO
Re: New ULA Conduit on 12/14/2008 09:20:26 MST Print View

I would love to see you post some pictures. I wish Brian would put better pictures of his packs on his site. They're all too small and you can't see any detail. :(

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Jeff Jeff
(TwoFortyJeff) - F
Re: Re: New ULA Conduit on 12/14/2008 12:25:10 MST Print View

I'd really appreciate it. Brian makes great packs and has great customer service so I just don't understand why his photos are so bad. Every other cottage industry gear maker out there posts really detailed photos.

Anyways, it would be a big help, as I am between the Conduit, Ark/Exodus, and Jam2.

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
cottage industry needs youtube! on 12/14/2008 16:24:46 MST Print View

I'm looking forward to the day when we see a lot more youtube videos of products. Photos are great, but videos really add something. These days all you need is a crappy $100 camera and you can shoot a little video of your product and host it on youtube, insert directly into your site (you might need the help of a html-savvy friend for that last bit). It's really easy! Anyone can wack a video up on youtube. Seems to me that it's some free marketing that the cottage industry is missing out on, because us gear nuts are always dying to see the gear in action!

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Nick Chen
(fleetparadox) - F

Locale: Socal
ULA Circuit Visit on 12/15/2008 00:29:47 MST Print View

Today I had a chance to see an ULA Circuit in person... Very impressive pack!

Ashley is right, we need more Youtube reviews of cottage products!

Golite (via an UK vendor) seems to have started the trend already.

Jim Yancey
(jimyancey) - F

Locale: Missouri
2009 ULA Conduit photos on 12/15/2008 22:28:14 MST Print View

Here are some photos of the new ULA Conduit showing the major changes from 2008; namely, the drawcord top, the removeable hipbelt pockets and the stretchier mesh. I have a Sea to Summit packliner inside. I intended to upload these yesterday, but we had an ice storm and I lost my Internet for a while.ULA Conduit drawcord topULA drawcord top closureULA Conduit top closedULA Conduit top closed and strappedULA Conduit hipbelt pocket

Ashley Brown
(ashleyb) - F
Re: 2009 ULA Conduit photos on 12/15/2008 22:33:55 MST Print View

Great pics James!!

Now we just need someone to upload something similar for the new Circuit...

Jeff Jeff
(TwoFortyJeff) - F
Re: Re: 2009 ULA Conduit photos on 12/15/2008 22:40:25 MST Print View

Thanks for posting those! That clears things up quite a bit. Looks like I'll be $125 and a 20 oz lighter this summer.

jeffrey bennett

Locale: Near the bottom
New ULA Circuit 2009 on 12/18/2008 17:58:11 MST Print View

Thanks for the pics
I am looking also at the miniposa and prophet\ark.
GG is coming out with some new packs for 09 also.
Question, Is the mesh on the front pocket thin mesh are thick mesh(like the osprey packs pockets). Does it look like it would hold water.

Jeff Jeff
(TwoFortyJeff) - F
... on 12/18/2008 18:08:50 MST Print View

I don't think Osprey has used mesh for pockets in their packs for a few years now. Well, other than back pad "pockets" and hipbelt pockets.

And being that mesh is filled with holes, I don't think it would hold water. Do you mean would the threads absorb water?

jeffrey bennett

Locale: Near the bottom
Circuit 2009 on 12/18/2008 19:02:16 MST Print View

don't think Osprey has used mesh for pockets in their packs for a few years now. Well, other than back pad "pockets" and hipbelt pockets.

And being that mesh is filled with holes, I don't think it would hold water. Do you mean would the threads absorb water?

I guess my question does not make much sense if you can't read my mind.

On the aether 60 the front pocket is a "welded stretch woven pocket" center part is type of mesh(the black oval). I have notice this type of mesh does not allow rain water flow out very well. A more open mesh would allow water to flow out better.

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