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Mateusz Szultk

Locale: Cologne/ Germany
MYOG PACK01 on 11/30/2008 04:53:33 MST Print View

Dear UL hikers,

It’s my first post here on BPL and i would like to present my new Silnylon backpack:


The specification:
I wanted to design a backpack, with the
maximum possible comfort and with minimal weight.

Backpack facts:

- The entire shell fabric:
..Silnylon 45g/m²( 1.3 oz./sq. yd.)
- Shoulder straps:
..3D mesh 6mm 780g/m² (23 oz./sq. yd.)
- Side pockets:
..meshfabric..106g/m² (3,1 oz./sq. yd.)
- Shoulder straps / hip belt: webbing
- All other straps: light webbing
- Cords: Dyneema coated 1,5mm
+ Several buckles, cordlocs & elastics

Backpack facts in detail:

27cm(10,6in.) / 70cm(27,6in.) / 15,5cm(6,1in.)

-Recommended maximumload:

10 parts of a z-lite are the structural system

A hipbelt and chest strap because i am often alpine on tour,and in this case i don’t want to miss the stability and a tight-fitting backpack

Two outer side pockets, which are accessible on tour
(I don`t need a big one) This side pockets are exposed, to get access while the pack is packed

The bottom is rounded, to create space for the sleepingbag and to slide better on obstacles while climbing through rocks

An output for a drinking system

The shoulder straps are S-shaped and attached with 15 ° angle down in relation to the horizontal line at the backpack

Compression, and the possibility to fix snowshoes outside

All major seams are carried out as double lap seams and SilNet sealed

A shoulder strap pocket for my Gerber LST because I’m always afraid to lose this little thing

And, of course a toploader

For further features take a look at the pictures:


For bigger pictures:

Backpack setup (by fair means):

Base weight :
3season(comfort)setup ±0°C........3,2kg....(~7lbs.)

H²O 1L; spirits 180g; Food 1,2kg 2,4kg..(~5,3lbs.)


Best regards

p.s. The partial irregular seams are also due to the sewing machine which has got one’s own character by varying the needle tension while sewing. It's just an old lady.

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Sean OLeary

Locale: Mid West
Re: MYOG PACK01 on 11/30/2008 06:07:00 MST Print View

Damn, thats cool. Nice work.
I must learn how to sew.

Good luck,

Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: MYOG PACK01 on 11/30/2008 07:01:49 MST Print View

That is one FINE looking pack!

You may have inspired me to add such a project to my list!

Jim Colten
(jcolten) - M

Locale: MN
Re: MYOG PACK01 on 11/30/2008 07:57:57 MST Print View

That's a nice pack! Well thought and superbly executed.

Don Meredith
(donmeredith) - F

Locale: SouthEast
MYOG Pack on 11/30/2008 07:58:35 MST Print View

Fantastic looking pack. Its very similar to what I want to end up with after finishing modifications on my GoLite Ion but you're probably lighter and have a little more volume. Can't wait to see your next project!

Jay Wilkerson
(Creachen) - MLife

Locale: East Bay
MYOG Pack01 on 11/30/2008 10:30:38 MST Print View

Excellent skills guy!!

Roger B
(rogerb) - MLife

Locale: Here and there
Re: MYOG PACK01 on 11/30/2008 10:36:33 MST Print View

Well done and where do I buy one of these? Or do I have to make my own? Looks great is that a z rest inside? And where did you get the raw materials? In europe or ...

I especially like the last photo with the light from behind.

Edited by rogerb on 11/30/2008 10:39:16 MST.

Mateusz Szultk

Locale: Cologne/ Germany
Thanks on 12/01/2008 01:27:04 MST Print View

Thank you all for the great compliments!

Yes , it is a z-lite inside the pack and
i bought the entire raw material in berlin.
If there is interest i could post also a
myog bivy made off Tyvek.

All the best


Jeremy Greene
(tippymcstagger) - F

Locale: North Texas
Re: Thanks on 12/01/2008 06:55:00 MST Print View

"If there is interest i could post also a
myog bivy made off Tyvek."

please do.

Brendan Dahl
(brendan.dahl) - F
Re: MYOG PACK01 on 12/01/2008 16:23:26 MST Print View

That's a great looking pack! I've been playing around with making a pack, but nothing that well built yet.

A few questions:

1) Any chance you'll post a guide with dimensions of the fabric pieces used?

2) On the shoulder strap edges I noticed the edging material. Is this gross grain ribbon? How do you sew it on? I've been getting gross grain ribbon and folding it then ironing it, which is a major pain. How do you do it?

Jed Augustine
(jaugusti) - F

Locale: Appalachians/Rockies
Re: MYOG PACK01 on 12/01/2008 16:31:03 MST Print View

Good glory that's gorgeous! Exactly the kind of pack I wish somebody would put on the market.

Thom Darrah
(thomdarrah) - MLife

Locale: Southern Oregon
MYOG PACK01 on 12/01/2008 16:50:11 MST Print View

Very nice, I would be interested in seeing your tyvek bivy and hearing about your experience with performance of tyvek in this application. Having worked on this idea myself I would be very interested in seeing your work. I'm sure, if your pack is an indication, your MYOG tyvek bivy will make my efforts seem very basic. Again - great job.

Edited by thomdarrah on 12/03/2008 10:17:16 MST.

J Thomas Peterson
(tpeterson1959) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
MYYOG PACK01 on 12/03/2008 10:12:54 MST Print View

Very, very nice. How long did it take for you to design and then sew the pack?

Mateusz Szultk

Locale: Cologne/ Germany
responses on 12/04/2008 05:40:36 MST Print View

Hey folks,

„Any chance you'll post a guide with
dimensions of the fabric pieces used?”
I will think about it.

That’s right the edging material of the shoulder
straps is something similar to grosgrain ribbon,
mayby a little bit stronger. At first I fixed the
ribbon with double-sided tape on the edge, then I
sewed the the straps by using a magnetic seam guide.

seam guide

The design and the sewing took me about a week.
And now, after all the major problems are fixed,
the Backback would be well done in one day, perhaps.

„Exactly the kind of pack I wish
somebody would put on the market.”

Should I?

With my best regards

Edited by LAUFBURSCHE-DE on 12/04/2008 11:23:49 MST.

Nick K
(nkline) - MLife

Locale: Northeast U.S.
Instructions ? on 12/03/2009 20:29:52 MST Print View

Hi Mateusz,

This is a beautiful backpack! Well done. Will you post instructions on how to build this backpack?



adam peterson
(Pacbacker) - F

Locale: The Pacfic Northwest
myog pack on 12/04/2009 19:57:56 MST Print View

very nice, im in the planning information gather phase myself id really like to see some plans\guide lines. the shoulder straps look great.

adam peterson
(Pacbacker) - F

Locale: The Pacfic Northwest
backpack on 12/07/2009 06:30:41 MST Print View

Tried the link, for me it seems to lead to a blank page.

Mateusz Szultk

Locale: Cologne/ Germany
Packs on 12/08/2009 07:05:48 MST Print View

Oh man, that's a really old Thread and also a really old pack!

Since this pack I've made maybe 25 new ones and changed a lot of the details

The packs are still made from SilNylon, but I have strengthened the claimed areas with stronger materials.

The weight of the packs ist now around 10 oz.

And I'm very sorry I can't publish the patterns.


Edited by LAUFBURSCHE-DE on 01/10/2010 12:23:00 MST.

Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

Re: Packs on 12/09/2009 19:25:50 MST Print View

Wow. Nice pack! How much are you selling them for?