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ReX headtorch
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Ben Gardner
(tasben) - F

Locale: Tassie
ReX headtorch - any others? on 11/21/2008 01:27:45 MST Print View


not groundbreaking ..but handy... 28 grams for headtorch / headlamp.

Wanted to be able to use my ReX as a headtorch anytime, with a beanie etc.....wanted a red LED headtorch knocked this up..

Complete lighting kit-

ReX headtorch - velcro removable for use as keychain

Red microlight - also velcro's on as headtorch for less loss of night vision

Bike lighting - White ReX headtorch on flash, red on clip at rear.

Recharging unit - clipped on in transit for loss reduction!


as headlamp


clip detail (camera wouldn't focus!)

Longer version if interested!
I made this en route on my last trip so not as tidy as it could be.....would be nice to see some better versions, I'm sure they're out there.

My kit is as much for travel as for bushwalking (backpacking/hiking). I'm also into bicycles as transport and now have a SUL bike light set up/ bushwalk / travel lights...

My last trip to India was 6 months..I had trouble finding AAA's for my Petzl XP....the Rex is perfect..rechargable pretty much anywhere in the world.

I purchased the Rex and the Red microlight, which included the lanyard clip and cap clip.

I made the headtorch band using another standard lanyard, looping it through a bit of ice-cream lid plastic (I know there's better materials but was made on the go), it's looped so as to be able to clip the cap clip on, and the plastic is flexible enought to pull firm against my forehead, holding it comfortably in place, whilst leaving the possibility to easily remove it and still use it on the clip on a hat or use with the magnets.

I've used a spring clip from a silk liner sack for adjustibility and a bit of copper pipe (yes this could be lighter too..) to crimp together and have crimped on the male end of the recharger, enabling the unit to be clipped together for transit and only removed if necessary and stored in ancillary pouch when in use. (don't want to lose the little buggar!)

The red led I keep on me most times on the blue spring clip..(the spring clip I use for many things too..including clipping bag onto the backs of ute's (utility vehicles/traybacks)when hitchhiking, as well as clipping in tent the same as Roger, and clipping on my water bottle when not carrying my pack, especially when going to the toilet in places like remote India/China etc).

I have cut off the front holders of the cap clip to allow the Rex to fit and have used quality velcro (non pill) to velcro on the light. The back of the clip still helps the position the rex and holds the red LED more firmly in addition to the velcro.

This enables me to swap the lights and use either as a headtorch, and allows flexibility to use red LED on my pack and white headtorch (on flashing mode) when riding a bike.. (often borrow or hire as I travel). Whilst at home, I have taped on the lanyard clip to my bike helmet and transfer the red LED from my keys to my helmet for commuting.

Full multipurpose lighting system with two UL LEDs. Hope that's not too verbose and that pics are clear enough on my old camera.

Edited by tasben on 11/23/2008 22:25:16 MST.