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cutting board/bowl
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David Sandford
(dropkick) - F
cutting board/bowl on 11/20/2005 23:19:47 MST Print View

I stole this idea from a similar bowl that I ran into somewhere on the net - don't remember where, but think it was a UK site - if I ever come apon the site again I'll tell you who it is.

Anyway I saw their product, thought "Neat, have to see if they import these" and forgot about it until the other day when I was in the kitchen using a cutting board/sheet, and thought "Bet I could make a bowl out of this".

I bought the cutting sheets at the grocery store (pack of 2) about a year ago, planned to trim one of them down and use it for hiking, but they never made it past the kitchen. The one I used is kind of beat up but it worked great for making my bowl.

I cut a 10 inch square out of the sheet, and then made a crease about 2 inches in on all 4 sides. I then bent a diagonal from the corners to where the first creases met. I bent the resulting triangles over against the sides of the new bowl and secured them there with paper clips.
I thought about leaving it like this, but I wasn't satisfied as the I felt the clips added unnecessary weight (and also might be lost while on the trail). So I clipped some holes high on the side with a paper punch and tied them with string.
I am thinking that when I make my final bowl out of new material I might use plastic snaps.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: cutting board/bowl on 11/21/2005 02:38:51 MST Print View

> if I ever come apon the site again I'll tell you who it is.
But see the Test reports at BGT:

Not entirely enthusiastic for use in the field.

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Re: Re: cutting board/bowl on 11/21/2005 03:40:18 MST Print View

Mr. Caffin,

enjoying reading your reviews of the Orikaso set. very well written - informative and even entertaining. haven't finished reading yet, so my following comment may be addressed by you later. i'll mention it now since i am very absent minded and if i don't do it now, i will problably forget.

regarding the dbl-snaps. my understanding is that by snapping together only the inboard snap, you can make a "pour spout". not sure how well this will work, but that's supposed to be one use of the dbl-snap configuration.

'ok'. finished all three parts of your reviews. excellent, to say the least. very thorough. anticipated and answered all questions. your reputation settles the matter for me. had crossed this set off my "to-be-acquired" list some months ago. now, i'm sure that it will not find its way back on the list. thank you.

Edited by pj on 11/21/2005 03:56:11 MST.