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Cook-fires on snow
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Locale: South West US
Cook-fires on snow on 11/16/2005 15:28:25 MST Print View

I've been folloing the thread on Ryan's SUL winter challenge. Some people have suggested that Ryan use a cook fire instead of taking a stove. My questions is how would you sustain a cook fire in the snow? I live in the SW and don't have any experience with winter camping, but it seems to me there would be a few difficulties:

1)Finding a dry place for the fire. I suppose you could dig away the snow to bare earth, but that can be a significant depth.

2) Finding dry firewood. Does snow get wood very wet? If so you could probably strip the wet layers of wood down till it is dry, bt this would take alot of time and a robust knife.

What do you all with more experince do/suggest?