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Gossamer Gear Lightrek 3 Trekking Pole Review
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Christopher Plesko
(Pivvay) - F

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: Re: Re: GG Lightrek 3 Trekking Pole Review on 10/10/2008 14:38:41 MDT Print View

That's good. Non adjustable poles are just a no go for me. On 95% of my trips I bet I have to strap my poles to my pack at times.

Glen Van Peski
(gvanpeski) - F - M

Locale: San Diego
FYI new Lightrek 4's available on 10/13/2008 19:21:17 MDT Print View

Since people asked, the Lightrek 4's, fully adjustable, are on the site now. If you call Grant Sible at GG, he'll knock $5 off the price on the first batch.

Paul Cronshaw
(beemancron) - F

Locale: Southwest US
Lightrek 4's on 10/19/2008 21:35:12 MDT Print View

I have been a big fan of the Lightrek 3s for the past year, using them exclusively for 500 miles on some PCT section hikes. Great support on the trail and with The One Tent.

I have been testing the Lightrek 4s for the past month. These poles have replaced my 3s. Lightweight. Robust. With only two sections, I can adjust them easily and faster than conventional four section poles.

Take advantage of GG's introductory offer and pickup a pair.

Nia Schmald
(nschmald) - MLife
Re: Lightrek 4's on 10/19/2008 23:29:54 MDT Print View

What's the adjustment mechanism for these poles? I can't really tell how they work from the gg website.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Re: Lightrek 4's on 10/20/2008 09:39:22 MDT Print View

Somebody should make some carbon poles that break down like a pool cue, a simple screw on thingy.

Paul Cronshaw
(beemancron) - F

Locale: Southwest US
Re: Lightrek 4's adjustable mechanism on 10/20/2008 20:15:31 MDT Print View


Picture a 1" rubber stopper with a bolt in the middle. A very simple, yet robust design. A couple of twists and the sections are "fused" together.

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Gossamer Gear Lightrek 3 Trekking Pole Review on 10/20/2008 21:58:08 MDT Print View

I haven't paid attention to the GG poles because I have to have adjustable poles--the length I need for hiking is shorter than what is needed for my shelters. The advent of the adjustables made these look more interesting. However, in an email Grant of GG told me that they would not offer wrist straps as an option. Unfortunately, I require the straps for medical reasons. Before I retired, my 10-12 hour days at the computer led to severe and very painful carpal tunnel syndrome. I avoided surgery only by taking early retirement (I had other, more pressing reasons, for that). Since retirement, I haven't had any problems--except when I have to grip something for extended periods. With trekking poles, I put full weight on the strap, which doesn't seem to bother my wrist joints. I hardly grasp the pole grips at all. My hand is around the grip, but it is almost completely relaxed. With even the lightest strapless poles, the lack of straps would mean that I'd have to grip the pole harder just to keep it from falling out of my hand.

Claims that non-adjustable poles are better and that straps aren't necessary should therefore be tempered a bit, IMHO. Not all of us can use either feature (or, from my point of view, the lack of them).

I'm just hoping that Titanium Goat will get their poles going again so I can get similar weight poles with straps. They have been out of stock for what seems a long time.

Edited by hikinggranny on 10/20/2008 22:00:39 MDT.