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Lightweight Summer Camp Shoe Ideas
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christopher shive

Locale: Along the AT in PA
Lightweight Summer Camp Shoe Ideas on 10/03/2008 12:18:24 MDT Print View

I do most of my hiking in late spring & summer in Pennsylvania with our scout troop. I like to get out my boots while in camp so I've always carried a set of camp shoes. Currently, they are a pair of J. Crew sandals weighing in at 5.3 ounces for the pair. They feel really light for sandals, but are there any lighter options?



John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Lightweight Summer Camp Shoe Ideas on 10/03/2008 12:39:38 MDT Print View

There is alot of camp shoe talk in the recent past.

christopher shive

Locale: Along the AT in PA
sandals on 10/03/2008 13:02:27 MDT Print View

I read the thread regarding myog camp shoes, eg. tyvek booties with foam soles. I suppose I could go the route of making my own camp shoes, but I was really just wondering if anyone new of a lighter pair of sandals. I don't need anything waterproof or insulated, just protection for the bottoms of my feet.

So maybe I should be more direct with my question...Are there sandals (flip flops/thongs) that weigh less than 5.3 ounces?

Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Lightweight Camp Footwear on 10/03/2008 13:08:32 MDT Print View

They "claim" these are 3.4oz per pair (yes, I called and asked if it was per pair or each) but I don't believe it. If you buy them let me know.

Ron Bell
(mountainlaureldesigns) - F - M

Locale: USA
Re: Lightweight Camp Footwear on 10/03/2008 14:03:42 MDT Print View


te - wa
(mikeinfhaz) - F

Locale: Phoenix
Re: Lightweight Camp Footwear on 10/03/2008 14:13:07 MDT Print View

i believe the claim about the weight... but the "unisex" claim? not really

Hey Ron, I recall someone else talking good about those mesh shoes. Have you tried them?

christopher shive

Locale: Along the AT in PA
Re: Lightweight Camp Footwear on 10/03/2008 14:23:19 MDT Print View

Hmmmm....Those Quark's would work great at 3.4 ounces, but I too doubt they weigh so little. I have a pair of Crocs (the rugged, beefy version, not the standard Crocs) and ONE of them max's out my food scale which has a 7.0 ounce capacity.

Ron, those mesh shoes look real light. Maybe I could have a rep from that company weigh them for me. For $5, I may just order them and weigh for myself.

It also just struck me that Old Navy might make some super light(cheap) flip flops. The $1.99 ones on their website can't weigh much at that cost.

I think I'll get more info on these items and report back.


Eric Fredricksen
(efredricksen) - MLife

Locale: Silicon Valley
Croc weight on 10/03/2008 15:21:18 MDT Print View

My crocs ("Caymans", size near 11) are 13.7oz. The don't go to the mountains with me any more since I've seen the "light".

Brad Groves
(4quietwoods) - MLife

Locale: Michigan
Re: Lightweight Camp Footwear on 10/03/2008 15:26:59 MDT Print View

We have some foam Keen sandals in the shop; I just went down and weighed them. 3.5-4.0 ounces for one sandal. I can't imagine something similar weighing less than these...

Ross Bleakney
(rossbleakney) - MLife

Locale: Cascades
Mesh Shoes on 10/03/2008 16:19:23 MDT Print View

I wear a pair of the ones that Ron mentions. They weigh about two ounces for the pair. They work just fine but could use some extra cushion on the bottom. I've thought about gluing some extra foam to the bottom to add comfort and warmth. I haven't gotten around to it yet, though.

Jeremy Greene
(tippymcstagger) - F

Locale: North Texas
Re: Mesh Shoes on 10/03/2008 16:58:59 MDT Print View


Do you have any good pictures of them? The image on the website leaves a lot of questions.

(Off-topic, but $6.50 s&h on a 2oz item? Still, can't complain about the total.)

adam blanton
(adamallstar) - MLife

Locale: Central Texas
five fingers on 10/03/2008 17:40:05 MDT Print View

These guys aren't super light around 11 oz for the classic, but they're perfect if you'll be doing any swimming or wading. You can squish them in your pack any which way since there is no tough sole.

christopher shive

Locale: Along the AT in PA
Re: Mesh Shoes on 10/03/2008 18:03:48 MDT Print View

If you have removable insoles in your boots you could insert them into the mesh shoes for more cushion.

christopher shive

Locale: Along the AT in PA
Re: five fingers on 10/03/2008 18:06:38 MDT Print View


Those five fingers shoes are really cool. I don't think I'd ever include them in my pack at that weight, but they might be worth a look for water activities. They would be great for kayaking or just swimming in the creek.

jeremy adley
(jeremyadley) - F

Locale: Maine
Lightweight Summer Camp Shoe Ideas on 10/03/2008 19:04:25 MDT Print View

Check out the Teva Dozer sandals.

Lighter, better traction, and more comfortable than my Keen Newport H2.

Tom Caldwell
(Coldspring) - F

Locale: Ozarks
Re: Re: Sprints on 10/03/2008 20:59:16 MDT Print View

I can't say the Sprint Aquatics are the greatest for comfort, but they'll give you something to wear on your tootsies, and something to do a little creek crossing, and they pack flat, and they only weigh 3.5 oz. They sure are purdy to...I'll think I'll get my grandma a pair to take to her water aerobics.

adam blanton
(adamallstar) - MLife

Locale: Central Texas
five fingers on 10/04/2008 12:19:34 MDT Print View

I don't include them on longer hikes, but if I hit up a park, or swimming area nearby with an over night hike, I won't leave home without them! Saved my feet from many a splinter and sharp rocks.

John G
(JohnG10) - F

Locale: Mid-Atlantic via Upstate NY
Camp Shoes on 10/05/2008 06:02:38 MDT Print View

Try hiking in trail running shoes (running shoes with thicker padding, deeper waffled tread & anti-ankle twist (motion control) pieces around the heel and rear of the midstep). They are much lighter than boots so you are less tired at the end of the day, and have more padding + breathable mesh uppers so your feet are a lot more comfortable at the end of the day too. The mesh also allows them to dry quickly after stream crossings, etc. Just loosen the laces for "weightless" camp shoes.

ps: Trail runners work best when your total pack weight is 35 pounds or less. This can be difficult if your scout troop has heavy tents, lots of group gear intended to make camp ultra-comfy / convenient, or takes lots of heavy "car-camping" types of foods.

scri bbles
(scribbles) - F

Locale: Atlanta, GA
Re: Camp Shoes on 10/08/2008 07:28:34 MDT Print View

I have the Sprint Aquatics shoes as well. Sure its like walking barefoot when it comes down to comfort level, but I use them for river crossings and camp shoes. When I had a 1/4mi till the next crossing I just wore them and they didn't fall apart on the rocks or roots, I was impressed. Again, if its just camp shoes you're looking for, why waste all the weight on comfortable shoes, your feet can swell up in these too... ;)

Tim Heckel
(ThinAir) - M

Locale: 6237' - Manitou Springs
sprint aquatics on 10/13/2008 14:53:28 MDT Print View

I too have used sprint aquatics mesh shoes. They will remain in my kit unless I find something better. (I'm always looking).
Beware, I've have my feet poked from sticks that come right thru the sole. And dry pine needles thru the mesh.