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is cuben hard to sew
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Jay Trent
(jay590) - F

Locale: blue mountains, Australia
is cuben hard to sew on 10/01/2008 21:38:31 MDT Print View

how easy is cuben to sew? easier or harder than silnylon?

Mark Hurd
(markhurd) - M

Locale: South Texas
Re: is cuben hard to sew on 10/01/2008 22:53:07 MDT Print View


In my experience cuben is easy to sew and much less slippery than silnylon.
The main problem is in cutting the stuff. I finally found that pushing a pair of half open scissors through the fabric works pretty well. I would also advise getting some cheap fabric to prototype what ever you are going to make before you go chopping up the expensive cuben.

Happy Trails

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Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: is cuben hard to sew on 10/02/2008 02:26:07 MDT Print View

Just remember that when you sew it, you are creating a row of leaky holes which will get bigger under tension. Seam sealing with tape is highly recommended.


Colin Krusor

Locale: Northwest US
cuben seams on 10/02/2008 12:23:36 MDT Print View

I agree with Roger. Sewing the cuben produces a line of perforations that can tear (it hasn't actually happened to me, though). Cubic Tech recommends adhesives for seaming. I've used both the standard and the low viscosity two-part urethanes that they recommended. It takes longer than sewing and it can be a little messy but you get a seam that's very light (flat and almost invisible), much stronger, and waterproof.

Mark Hurd
(markhurd) - M

Locale: South Texas
Re: cuben seams on 10/03/2008 14:20:07 MDT Print View

I've never used the adhesive, just seam sealed my stitches. Never had a problem with leakage or tearing. I believe Bill Fornshell of this forum uses a sewing machine on his extensive DIY cuben gear. However I can see where adhesive may be a good alternative. How are the cuben tarps that BPL offers seamed? Anyone know?


David Olsen

Locale: Steptoe Butte
Re: cuben seams on 10/03/2008 14:28:07 MDT Print View

Sewing doesn't decrease the tear strength to any real degree
as the needle holes puncture the polyester film but not
much of the scrim in the middle. Tape alone may in fact
be weaker as it doesn't connect directly to the scrim.

What Roger is saying is that the needle holes can enlarge under
tension, which may in turn cause leakage. Sealing the seams
will help prevent this. Seam grip or Aquaseal work well.

Hugh Teegan
(hteegan) - MLife
Sewing and cutting cuben on 10/18/2008 16:26:41 MDT Print View

Can Cuben be cut with a hot knife?

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
Sewing and cutting cuben on 10/18/2008 22:33:20 MDT Print View

"Can Cuben be cut with a hot knife?"

I just use an X-Acto knife with a new blade in it. Cuts Cuben great.

Andrew :-)
(terra) - F

Locale: Sydney, Australia.
RE: "is cuben hard to sew" on 10/19/2008 00:50:20 MDT Print View

Kepp us posted on your cuben plans Jay.
I'm keen to see how the cuben procurement and MYOG goes for a fellow NSW member.

My winter tent that is calling for a new cuben fly.