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Dyneema at Thru-Hiker!!
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Buck Stolberg
(bstolberg) - MLife

Locale: Harlem
Dyneema at Thru-Hiker!! on 09/24/2008 20:09:58 MDT Print View

In case it hasn't been posted elsewhere, here some good news for everybody. I'd never thought it would become available.

I can't wait to see the first homemade pack from Dyneema, please post your pictures.

David Wills
(willspower3) - F
Re: Dyneema at Thru-Hiker!! on 09/24/2008 20:40:35 MDT Print View

Cool pattern on it. $20/yd seems a bit excessive. I remember way back in the day it was a mere $13/yd. Guess times have changed :(

I have a pack I made from Dyneema a while back. It still holds up like a champ and looks brand new. It's strong enough to dull your scissors when cutting it.

I can't wait to see what this batch will bring either, thanks for the post!

Ron Bell
(mountainlaureldesigns) - F - M

Locale: USA
Re: Re: Dyneema at Thru-Hiker!! on 09/25/2008 15:49:37 MDT Print View

This is good stuff! I love the Titanium gray.

More info:

MLD is protoing packs with this right now and will be offering the Exodus and Ark packs in this very soon.

Note that fewer and fewer fabrics are now made in the US and the shipping costs from overseas is only going higher. The shipping cost for this particular fabric was 40% of the total cost! Ouch. New World Order...

Joe Westing
(pedro87) - F
Re: Re: Re: Dyneema at Thru-Hiker!! on 09/25/2008 17:27:32 MDT Print View

Great news! I can't wait to see the Dyneema Exodus and Arc packs. Do you know how much the price or weight will go up (if at all) due to the Dyneema?

Edited by pedro87 on 09/25/2008 17:30:03 MDT.

Christopher Mills
(Hiker816) - MLife

Locale: Denver
Dyneema gridstop at Thru-Hiker on 09/30/2008 10:55:11 MDT Print View

I just received a few yards of the newly available titanium gray Dyneema gridstop from Thru-Hiker. I was a little worried that the color would be too dark and would absorb more solar radiation than I'd like, and make finding things inside a pack made with it difficult in the dark. I was surprised to find that the fabric has a nice sheen to it that reflects a lot of light. Although it is too early to know for sure, it looks like it'll work really well (and it's rather beautiful!). Having not held the raw fabric before, I was also impressed with how light it is and how nice the drape is.

Matt Mahaney
(Matt_Mahaney) - MLife

Locale: In the District
Re: Dyneema at Thru-Hiker!! on 09/30/2008 12:02:33 MDT Print View

Just my order in and I can't wait to add a pocket to my GoLite Ion. Thanks AYCE!