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Filter sock/bag for water filtering
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Jay McCombs
(jmccombs) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Filter sock/bag for water filtering on 09/15/2008 17:13:08 MDT Print View

they make these filter socks for use in biodiesel and aquariums and other such things. They come in a range of sizes down to about 1 micron. You could simply cover your platypus with one, scoop up the water and be on your way. Would weigh next to nothing. Anyone ever try this?

Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: Filter sock/bag for water filtering on 09/15/2008 18:45:00 MDT Print View

Excellent idea Jay!

I also purchase charcoal granuals from an aquarium shop to make my own carbon filter.

Erik Graf
(VanGo) - F

Locale: Southeast
Jay on 09/16/2008 12:15:44 MDT Print View

Where are you buying these? Pet stores for aquariums or even Wally-World. Very intrigued by this. If you're right - there could nearly be no method of immediate treatment at that weight. I recall those things being quite light....

Robert Logue
(robertlog) - F
Filter sock/bag for water filtering on 09/16/2008 12:56:00 MDT Print View

Not all bags are created equal. Unless a bag is labeled as absolute or high efficiency, I would assume it's nominal. From this website:

"Absolute vs. Nominal Micron Ratings

The terms Absolute and Nominal are often associated with micron ratings given to liquid filter bags and cartridges.

As the name suggests, absolute conjures up a notion of 100% pure filtration. Absolute rated filter bags and cartridges, contrary to their name, are not absolute. They are generally gauged by the percentage of contaminate particles they are capable of removing in perfect laboratory conditions. For example, a one micron absolute rated filter bag will remove between 99.5% and 99.9% of laboratory "challenge particles" one micron or larger. They are not 100%. For this reason, we refer to this type of filter bag as "High Efficiency", stating the corresponding media efficiencies from independent laboratory test results.

On the other hand, nominal micron ratings are average or general in nature. Their efficiencies can fall anywhere between 50% and 95% with the norm being around 80% efficiency. That is to say, a one micron nominally rated filter bag will remove approximately 80% of "challenge particles" one micron or larger in perfect laboratory conditions. The terms Absolute (High Efficiency) and Nominal should be used as a guideline only when selecting the best filter bag or cartridge for an application. Unless stated as "High Efficiency", micron ratings used in our nomenclature are nominal."

I buy my 1 and 5 micron "nominal" bags off of eBay, but use the material only as a pre-filter.

Jay McCombs
(jmccombs) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
absolute vs nominal on 09/16/2008 13:42:04 MDT Print View

Thats good to know re the absolute vs nominal. This place seems to sell an absolute 1 micron bag towards the bottom of the page. Double the price, but still cheap by SUL gear standards :)

Requires a big order, but I just did a quick google search to see if an absolute filter sock existed. More search might turn up something different.

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