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Six Moon Designs Serenity Net Tent Review
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Addie Bedford
(addiebedford) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Six Moon Designs Serenity Net Tent Review on 09/09/2008 15:26:12 MDT Print View

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Six Moon Designs Serenity Net Tent Review

Jim Yancey
(jimyancey) - F

Locale: Missouri
SMD Serenity on 09/09/2008 20:00:40 MDT Print View

I have been using the Serenity in combination with the Gatewood since about March '08. I agree that it is an elegant design and multi-optional. I have not sent my harness in for retro-fit of a D ring. I just seared a hole in the webbing "pocket" of the top strap. I push the end of my 45" aluminum pole (assembled from parts available from Quest Outfitters - I don't hike with poles) through the pocket, then through the grommet in the Gatewood harness. It seems to work well, although I should perhaps have the D ring installed. Another option might be to install a small grommet in the top strap that would serve the same purpose as my seared hole.

I don't really mind the somewhat confining nature of the Serenity, nor do I notice the netting on my shoulders when sitting up. The loss of interior space is a downside, but then, it IS an 18oz tent afterall! On very warm humid nights (typical summer weather in the Midwest) with no chance of rain, the Serenity is superb. Much less confining than a bivy, complete bug protection, decent ground protection (esp. with a polycryo or Tyvek ground sheet), complete ventilation, easy entry/exit and extremely light to boot. What more could one ask for? I have not noticed any stress or unusual fragility of the netting. I sewed my own stuff sacks for the Cape and the Serenity, and I use Ti stakes for a very lightweight package. Coupled with the Gatewood Cape, I think they comprise the ideal multi-use shelter/raingear. Thumbs-up all round by me.

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: SMD Serenity on 09/09/2008 22:18:16 MDT Print View

I have also been using mine since March. Before that I used a Sea To Summit bug netting which was somewhat similiar to the Serenity but without the floor and zippered door. The netting does lie near my face a tad but that really does not bother me too much. Heck for 18 ounces or so, it is a great multi use item!!!!!!

Andrew Dolman
pair it with a Hex? on 09/10/2008 01:05:39 MDT Print View

Seems like I could use it with my Hex III to make a palatial 1 man shelter with groundsheet and bug protection for just about 1.1kg, 38.8 ounces (not including walking poles).

John Frederick Anderson
(fredfoto) - F

Locale: Spain
Paired with a Hex 3 on 09/10/2008 02:46:41 MDT Print View


I use my Serenity Net in my Shangrila 3, which is the latest incarnation of the Hex. It is excellent, palacial and fits perfectly using the centre pole, or the washing line tie loops under the vents for event more room.

Check out this tread:


John Adams
(scsjohn) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
length on 09/10/2008 06:28:44 MDT Print View

I see that the length is 84 inches. Would this accomodate someone that is 6 ft 3 inches?

Thom Darrah
(thomdarrah) - MLife

Locale: Southern Oregon
"Six Moon Designs Serenity Net Tent Review" on 09/10/2008 07:45:42 MDT Print View

The review begins by stating that no other shelter in this weight range (18 oz) provides full bug protection and allows for the bug protection to be left at home when not needed while also providing rain wear.

I would disagree. MLD, for some time, has offered the combination of a Grace Solo tarp (in spectralite @ 5.8 oz or spinntex xp @ 7.5 oz) and Bug Bivy @ 5.7 oz or Serenity Shelter @ 5.9 oz. Any combination of the MLD items above will provide equal bug protection along with the ability to leave the bug protection behind if conditions allow and at a considerably lower overall weight. One could opt for the MLD spectralite poncho tarp @ 3.9 oz for an apples to apples comparison or bring the poncho as rain wear along with the tarp and bug bivy and still be under the 18 oz weight. MLD Solo tarp @ 5.8 + bug bivy @ 5.7 + poncho @ 3.9 = 14 oz total.

todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Re: SMD Serenity - question for Ken on 09/10/2008 08:12:16 MDT Print View


If I recall we are the same height (6'1"). I'm wondering about my feet touching the end (sometimes sleep uncovered here in Florida and wanted to avoid bugs biting thru).

My question: How thick is your sleeping pad (lifting you off the ground), and do you touch at the foot end?

Thanks, Todd

Carol Crooker
(cmcrooker) - MLife

Locale: Desert Southwest, USA
MLD on 09/10/2008 08:20:15 MDT Print View

Hi Thom,
You're right. The Mountain Laurel Designs Cuben Poncho Tarp plus MLD Serenity Shelter easily beats 18 oz. When I wrote the rating I was trying to differentiate between the MLD offerings and the SMD offerings as concisely as possible. What I should have added to all the included qualifiers was that the SMD combo offers more complete weather coverage (three sides can be staked to the ground, which could be a useful option in very changeable weather - sometimes steamy and buggy, sometimes windy and rainy).

The MLD Patrol Shelter plus Serenity Shelter is another light bug shelter/rain shelter combo that looks to offer more coverage than a poncho tarp, without the rain wear option though.

Carol Crooker
(cmcrooker) - MLife

Locale: Desert Southwest, USA
Tall folks on 09/10/2008 08:29:10 MDT Print View

John and Todd,
I'm shorter than you two (only 5'10" :)
My feet did not touch the end and Todd's (6'1") shouldn't either, but it'll be close with John's feet at 6'3" since the netting drapes. (I slept on a 2.5" Big Agnes Clearview pad). I treated the netting with permithrin which will help keep bugs from biting even if the netting is draping on your body.

Patrick Baker
(WildMan) - F
SMDSerenity Net & Permethrin on 09/10/2008 08:50:34 MDT Print View

"I soaked the Serenity in Permethrin to keep bugs from biting through the mesh."

I always thought that Permethrin would kill the bugs within an hour or so of landing on the mesh, but not actually prevent (repel) them from biting ?

todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Tall folks on 09/10/2008 11:29:01 MDT Print View


Thanks for a great write-up & answering my questions.


Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: Re: Tall folks on 09/10/2008 12:47:31 MDT Print View

Todd, I use a 78" pad that is 2.5" thick. I have had no problem with my feet touching at the other end. And yes I am 6'1. I have a buddy that has the same set up that I do and he is 6'3 and he barely touches the end, and he too, has a pad that is similar in size as mine. I have yet to use the Serenity as a stand alone on a clear night, due to many thunder storms in the Sierra's this yea. The Serenity is a great shelter/poncho

Monty Montana
(TarasBulba) - MLife

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: SMD Serenity on 09/10/2008 12:57:44 MDT Print View

Carol, thanks for this great review and all the set-up tips. I got my Cape/Serenity this spring and really put it through its paces...rain, snow, everything except bugs. Seems we didn't have any bugs this year in my favorite haunts in the Cascade 'cause winter stayed around so long (deep snow into August) and then I got snowed on during Labor Day weekend. I haven't used the end tie outs yet but will take your advice and have some guy lines at the ready for when I do use the Serenity.

Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: MLD on 09/10/2008 14:11:43 MDT Print View

I have been experimenting with the SMD Refuge-X plus MLD cuben poncho. This not only weighs slightly less than the SMD setup reviewed here, but also allows you to pitch the poncho over the door of the Refuge-X as an awning, or as an extra ground sheet in swampy conditions. The Refuge-X can also be staked down along all perimeters if needed, and is undeniably palatial for one (and not bad for two). Or leave the Refuge-X at home for less buggy trips and just use the poncho. The versatility of this sytem is mind-boggling for the weight! The SMD system does have the advantage when it comes to price compared the my combo...

Still, nice write-up Carol. Thanks.

John Adams
(scsjohn) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Thanks on 09/13/2008 18:06:48 MDT Print View

Thanks Carol for your response. Keep up the good work!!