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Baluchi Valley Afghanistan
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Daniel Peters
(cstrikerdan) - F

Locale: The Sandbox
Baluchi Valley Afghanistan on 08/30/2008 07:36:20 MDT Print View

During operation Spin Ghar last year in the Uruzgan province of Afghanistan I was able to get in some great backpacking in around the Baluchi Valley. One of our missions was to find and dispose of enemy weapons caches in the mountains surrounding the valley. This was a great excuse to stretch the old hiking legs. Though not in anyway light weight with body armor, rifle, pistol and explosives I was able to lighten up my kit with the tips I have learned from everyone here and really enjoy myself. The area was very beautiful.

The hunt begins

My Dutch buddy Justin

Mkaing bombs go bye

Me enjoying the fruits of the hike

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Joshua Billings
(Joshua) - MLife

Locale: Santa Cruz,Ca
hike on on 08/30/2008 15:03:46 MDT Print View

Is that the M-16lite that gossamer gear sells?

Tom Clark
(TomClark) - MLife

Locale: East Coast
Re: Baluchi Valley Afghanistan on 09/03/2008 17:51:47 MDT Print View

Great to see an area that we hear about on the news from your point of view. Thanks for sharing, and take care.

Ryan Hutchins
(ryan_hutchins) - F

Locale: Somewhere out there
Baluchi Valley Afghanistan on 09/14/2008 10:21:08 MDT Print View

wow, what a neat perspective. It is great that you are able to appreciate the beauty of the area, despite the potential overshadowing of violence. Thanks for your service. Stay safe and keep finding those opportunities to appreciate the landscape.

Shane Stewart
(anacrime) - F
very cool on 09/26/2008 23:14:53 MDT Print View

very cool

is that a river in the background of the last pic?

Daniel Peters
(cstrikerdan) - F

Locale: The Sandbox
river on 09/27/2008 02:47:31 MDT Print View

Yeah that is a river in the last picture. Afghanistan is not all desert, a surprise to me. Where there is water there tended to be nice fields of Pomegranate and Marijuana. That river was my first chance to wash my uniform in 2 weeks, I wouldent drink from it though.

Jay Wilkerson
(Creachen) - MLife

Locale: East Bay
Baluchi Valley Afghanistan on 09/27/2008 10:39:57 MDT Print View

Great report- I am happy for you to be able to hike. How much does your full kit way? What are the temperture ranges?