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Foot Care Supplies for Sandal-packing
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Addie Bedford
(addiebedford) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Foot Care Supplies for Sandal-packing on 08/19/2008 19:55:20 MDT Print View

Companion forum thread to:

Foot Care Supplies for Sandal-packing

Miguel Arboleda
(butuki) - MLife

Locale: Kanto Plain, Japan
Re: Foot Care Supplies for Sandal-packing on 08/20/2008 01:01:06 MDT Print View

One thing I've always found works much better than duct tape for taping up feet is sports tape, the white stuff. It grips like crazy, doesn't peel away, and can be used in lieu of duct tape for other repair work. It, of course, is designed for sticking to the skin and can be used for first aid purposes, too.

Tony Burnett
(tlbj6142) - F

Locale: OH--IO
thin socks help... on 08/20/2008 06:45:44 MDT Print View

When I hike in my Chacos, I always wear thin (think liner thin) socks. Helps keep my feet from sticking to the footbed, makes them feel cooler ('cause they aren't sticking) and provides some sun protection.

Also, for Chaco users, prior to your trip make sure you can easily move your straps around. I find that often I need to adjust the straps from their "city" settings while I'm in the backcountry.

Chris Jackson
(chris_jackson) - F
Re: Foot Care Supplies for Sandal-packing on 08/20/2008 21:18:48 MDT Print View

An effective treatment for dry and cracked feet, particularly deep heel cracks, is a 25 percent solution of urea. It softens the cracked skin, accelerates the healing process, and does not sting at all. It is available over the counter at the pharmacy as "heel balm". One brand is Flexitol.

Joe Kuster
(slacklinejoe) - MLife

Locale: Flatirons
Foot Care Supplies for Sandal-packing on 08/20/2008 22:34:01 MDT Print View

A significantly different approach to sandal comfort is instead of patching the skin is to patch the sandal itself.

I use Engo anti-blister sticker things over problem areas on the sandal itself and it has completely eliminated problem areas on my tevas. I'm sure duct tape would work in some situations as well. Previously the places where it had stitching on the back of the heel strap would wear my skin raw, now it's just nice a slick.

Unfortunately the Engo strips (which are mentioned in the Fixing your Feet book available here at BPL) are very hard to track down. In the entire state of Colorado we only have one store listed as a retailer for them so I end up buying them online (at This is something BPL should definately consider stocking as they work hands down for problematic spots in footware and they actually last decently long times in most cases.

Charles Ruefenacht
(cwruefenacht) - F
sandal hiking on 08/24/2008 21:47:13 MDT Print View

I just completed my first 15 miler w/ sandals. It worked quite well. Glad to see others are doing it and that it's a viable option. Duct tape worked pretty well. Outbound leg w/ socks, return without. I'm not sure about cross country use but will try it.

Kristine Nichols
(krisjnic) - MLife

Locale: Kettle Moraine State Forest
Gravel? on 09/05/2008 06:01:14 MDT Print View

I have always wished to wear sandals in warmer, nonbuggy climates, but anytime I'm off pavement I always get annoyed with all the gravel and little rocks that get between my feet and the sandals. Don't you all have that problem?

Chris Townsend
(Christownsend) - MLife

Locale: Cairngorms National Park
Grit in Sandals on 09/05/2008 08:17:05 MDT Print View

I find just kicking grit and dirt out at the toe works fine (a main reason why I prefer open-toed sandals). I get almost as much stuff in trail shoes, which is more irritating as I have to take them off to get rid of it.