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Backpacking in Scotland
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Peter Macfarlane
(ptc) - F

Locale: The Scottish Highlands
Backpacking in Scotland on 08/17/2008 18:33:40 MDT Print View

Hi folks. I'm new to the forum and though I would share some of my local views. Scotland is small, our wilderness is never more than a days walk from a road and our mountains small, but it's still a beautiful place.







Linsey Budden

Locale: pugetropolis
RE: Backpacking in Scotland on 08/17/2008 18:53:22 MDT Print View

Your photos are stunning! What do you use for a camera?

Peter Macfarlane
(ptc) - F

Locale: The Scottish Highlands
Camera on 08/18/2008 01:39:01 MDT Print View

Thanks, I use a Nikon Coolpix point-and-click and I get lucky with the weather!
The only problem is that I can't blow the photies up too big as the quality just isn't there.

John Carter

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Camera on 08/18/2008 05:40:37 MDT Print View

Outstanding photos, really, and welcome to the forums. Actually, I'm impressed with how similar a feel for the North American Pacific Northwest some of those shots have (minus the trees, of course). Here's two photos from Mt. Hood in Oregon to show you what I mean:

Yocum Ridge

Yocum 2

I love it when the evening clouds roll in, a fairly common occurrence here, and fairly rare in most of the states. There's a certain 'moisture content' similarity with Scotland that you don't find in most other parts of the states. I am of Scottish descent, and my mother told me our ancestors moved to Eugene, OR in part because of the similar climate.

I look forward to learning more about your wet-weather techniques above timberline; much of what is discussed around here revolves around the drier parts of the American West.

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Peter Macfarlane
(ptc) - F

Locale: The Scottish Highlands
Wet! on 08/18/2008 05:47:07 MDT Print View

You're spot on there, so much of the techniques and equipment we import from the US aren't quite right for the UK.
Wet weather is never far away, even our winters are wet with increasingly high temperatures and slushy snow.
It can be a challenge, but it's all part of the fun. I'm working my way through the site, I'll have lots of questions to ask and lots to say, it's good stuff.

Brilliant shot there, it looks just like home but with proper mountains!

Tom Clark
(TomClark) - MLife

Locale: East Coast
Re: Backpacking in Scotland on 09/07/2008 19:55:03 MDT Print View

Yes, welcome and thanks for sharing the great photos. Looking forward to more of your thoughts on what works in your wet Scotland and what doesn't.

chris Mcfarland

Locale: baba yaga's porch
scotland vs the northwest: a battle of precipitious praportions on 09/12/2008 23:20:12 MDT Print View

nice photos. could have been in the cascades. id suggest you visit, but it might be a little too much like home to be worth crossing the globe for. wait... new mountains not worth visiting... what was i thinking. come, have fun, you wont need a new kit!!

mmm precip

Chris Jones
(NightMarcher) - F
Scotland Pics on 09/15/2008 03:43:39 MDT Print View

Great pics, Peter.

Where in Scotland were they taken?

Erik Graf
(VanGo) - F

Locale: Southeast
Nice on 09/16/2008 12:26:58 MDT Print View

When I think of hiking trips abroad my mind doesn't race to Scotland. But the pictures sell it well. Very nice. Thanks!

Jim Andrews
(vja4Him) - F

Locale: Central Valley
Which Tent Should I Get ??? on 01/18/2009 09:20:50 MST Print View

What kind of tent do you use? I'm trying to decide which tent to carry on my Electra Townie ... I need a tent that will keep the water out, lightweight, compact, and very durable.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-- vja4Him * Riding 4 Life

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