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Extra Water Carrier
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Bob Ellenberg
(BobTheBuilder) - F
Extra Water Carrier on 08/17/2008 14:40:34 MDT Print View

This is a combination of something I did in the past combined with a light weight idea.

On a couple of occassions my wife and I have had two days of hiking to a water source (not uncommon in a dry year in the Southwest). On our first occassion I had a heavy Jansport pack with a cap that made a detachable fanny pack. I had filled a mylar box wine bag with 6L of water (they hold more than 5 when not in a box) but found the extra weight made my pack extremely uncomfortable. After a while I rigged up straps and carried it on my chest. My total load was quite heavy but I could do it all day without the fit of the pack being uncomfortable. It recently occured to me that the two water bottle holders on the front straps of my ULA Catalyst are no only convienent but shift a little weight forward. With a couple of straps added to an already carried stuff sack and the mylar bag which weights very little, I believe it would be a way to easily carry extra water and more weight than most of the light packs can carry comfortably on your back.

Christopher Holden
(back2basics) - F - MLife

Locale: Southeast USA
Re: Extra Water Carrier on 08/17/2008 15:02:48 MDT Print View

I've already found that my 10L MSR dromedary bag and 2 carabiners works just as well. Not sure how much your Jansport bag weighs, so I don't know if its as light as yours, but mine holds more water if necessary. The loops on the Catalyst are positioned perfectly. I've not had to use this yet, but it might be taken as an option for an upcoming trip, depending on the final route and who's going.

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Linsey Budden

Locale: pugetropolis
"Extra Water Carrier" on 08/19/2008 20:07:30 MDT Print View

Once I was caught out without enough capacity for a waterless stretch/dry camp and used an OP sack to carry a couple liters; I tucked it in the bladder pocket of the pack and was impressed that it held up great.

Bob Ellenberg
(BobTheBuilder) - F
extra water carrier on 08/20/2008 19:34:22 MDT Print View

Great idea. A heavy duty gallon zip lock could do the same and weights less.