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Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian- 2nd failure out of 2
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Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian- 2nd failure out of 2 on 08/15/2008 08:52:11 MDT Print View

I will be returning my Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian to REI this week. I recently experienced the second failure of the water resistant zippers GG chose for this pack.

These zippers are composed of relatively soft rubber/plastic teeth which are quite fragile.
The Lid and panel access zipper are both of this type.

The lid zipper failed on the first day of use on a previous trip. Failure mode was several broken teeth on one side of the zipper. I returned it at my expense, and received a replacement, again with shipping at my expense.

On my second trip with the pack, the panel zipper failed in the same mode on day 2 of a 5 day trip. Luckily for me the failure was near the top, so I was able to re-join the two halves below the failure point and just cease using the panel access feature.

I am not at all rough with my gear. For example, I have never experienced a failure of a zipper on any of a dozen other packs, nor on any other quality gear I own. And certainly not with a YKK brand.

Other than the critical design choice failure of GG using these zippers, this was a GREAT pack. Like the other 3 GGs I have bought, it is extremely comfortable.

If GG changes the zippers to a quality brand such as YKK, I would re-buy the pack in a heartbeat. As it is; I have reversed my initial impressions and I absolutely do not recommend this pack. I do still recommend the top-access packs by GG.

Granite gear; are you listening?

Chris W
(simplespirit) - MLife

Locale: .
Re: Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian- 2nd failure out of 2 on 08/15/2008 08:58:26 MDT Print View

Interesting. I used the same pack for over a year with no issues.

Jim Colten
(jcolten) - M

Locale: MN
Re: Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian- 2nd failure out of 2 on 08/15/2008 09:33:58 MDT Print View

Granite Gear; are you listening?

Sorry to hear Granite Gear is having quality problems, that's an area they tend to focus on. They've always been responsive to my queries (info queries, haven't had problems to report).

You'd do them and the BP community a service by contacting them about your experience:
* Granite Gear
* 2312 10th Street
* Two Harbors, MN 55616
* Fax: 218-834-5545
I'm confident they'll hear you on any one of those channels

Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian- 2nd failure out of 2 on 08/15/2008 10:31:07 MDT Print View


I second Jim's recommendation to contact Granite Gear. I too, am a customer of theirs. I have found their customer service to be exemplary and their products to be top quality.

I do not have any of their panel loaders but I do have some of their products with waterproof zippers that may be a different design than what you describe.

Edited by mad777 on 08/15/2008 10:31:50 MDT.

Brian Kelly
(bkelly) - F
RiRi? on 08/15/2008 10:52:24 MDT Print View

If this is the RiRi waterproof zipper, it is comparable to the stuff from YKK. Normally....

I know that sounds hard to believe considering your experience but,RiRi does make some really nice zippers. Maybe they just had a bad run of zippers? Unfortunate, but Murphy does strike every now and then.

As others have suggested, try contacting them directly and see what they say.

For reference, I am a happy Vapor Light owner.