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Lens quality
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Franco Darioli
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Locale: @Tarptent
Lens quality on 08/12/2008 00:34:11 MDT Print View

The announcement of the Micro Four Thirds "standard" has prompted some speculation about possible lens quality. Most of the focus with digital camera has been on the sensors, (size,pixel,manufacturers...) however a remarkable different IQ ( Image Quality) can be the result of using better lenses than the "kit" version supplied by the maker.
This is an example sent to me by a mate that works for a Pro Photo lab.
The two shots were taken at the same aperture/shutter speed/iso
Canon 450D body
The top is from the Canon kit lens , 18-55mm, the bottom is from a Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm 1.4.
Because of the compression the difference is not as clear as it is in print, but you should get the idea...

Canon Zeiss
Full sizeTest full size
BTW, if you copy and paste the top shot onto yout desktop, you can enlarge it and see the difference a bit more clearly

Edited by Franco on 08/12/2008 19:11:27 MDT.

Jan Stiff
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lens quality on 08/12/2008 06:19:25 MDT Print View

I have always considered lens quality as one of the primary factors when building a camera system. Your system will only be as strong as the weakest link. More than once I have purchased a lens, only to sell it or throw it away immediately after testing it. It sometimes makes setting up a good system rather expensive (since you end up paying for lenses that you never use). But, if you make your money with your camera, which I do, it is necessary. Another issue which is often overlooked is calibrating your light meter. Not all light meters are created equal and if your meter isn't accurate, your images won't be their best.