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JMT gear list feedback please
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Brian UL

Locale: New England
JMT gear list feedback please on 08/09/2008 00:23:40 MDT Print View

O.K this is my proposed gear list for my upcoming JMT thru late this month.
Its heavier than I would like but, I also need to balance long term comforts with light weight. I have been using a tarp/bivy combo for a few years pretty exclusively but always had curiosity about the Gatewood cape. I went as light as I could go with the tarp/bivy thing using a tarp/bivy that was probably too small but workable. Then comparing that system to the gatewood cape/serenity shelter I saw that I could apparently increase my comfort and space with little weight penalty I am going with a Gatewood this trip but, I am just using some cheap mosquito netting instead of the serenity shelter for money reasons for now.
Also, I am not sure if I should bring my Tigoat take-down pole (4oz.) instead of the CF pole that goes with the Gatewood? I dont use poles and this is just a single pole but, it would be useful for snow fields and stream crossings ect. but I dont know if their will be much of either on the JMT this time of year?
Not on the list is the garcia bear canister I will rent at the permit office and what I will be wearing:
ball cap, Patagonia wool 2 t-shirt, shorts, and bandanna.

MLD Zip 10.50
Gatewood cape w/stakes 13.00
CF pole for gatewood 1.50
Modified MS Wisp30 long quilt 20.00
BMW Torsolite 10.00
Stansport bug shroud 6.00
Polycro ground sheet 1.50
MLD pocket sz. M .60

MB Alpinelight down XL 14.00
Marmot 07' Ion XL 6.00
MH balaclava 2.00
EMS poly bottoms 5.50
Manzella polartec glove liners 2.00
ininji socks/wool socks 2.00

Snowpeak 600 2.80
Caldera cone system 2.00
BPL long handled spoon .39
Container for alcohol 1.00

Med kit 6.00
toiletries 8.00
Folding scissors .75
Flint 1.00
Sunnto simple compass 1.00
Fenix L1D AA 1.70

Digital camera 6.00
Mp3 player 4G sandisk 2.50

1 liter Platy 1.00
2.5 liter Platy 1.30
lil'nipper Platy .50

Total carried 8.61 lb.

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Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: JMT gear list feedback please on 08/09/2008 04:56:00 MDT Print View

Hey Brian,
planning a JMT for next year so I have started playing with a list as well. I would personally leave the long sleeve behind and use the T. With your Mont Bell jkt I would not think the extra layer would be required unless you are a cold sleeper.

Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: Re: JMT gear list feedback please on 08/09/2008 07:47:40 MDT Print View

I wouldnt mind seeing your gear list.
After some thought about the long sleeve vs short question I decided I should bring my wind shirt and forget about the long sleeve. At 6 oz its 4 oz lighter and still gives me some warmth and more importantly warmth through blocking convective heat loss and slowing evaporative cooling.
So I updated my Gear list
I also forgot to add my compass and flashlight!

Kurt Feeter
(teamrio) - F

Locale: California Delta
jmt feedback on 08/09/2008 18:11:33 MDT Print View

Hi Brian,
I am hitting the JMT late Aug. also and our lists and weights look a lot alike. I have the Gatewood and have never used it in any rough weather but I feel it will perform well for all three uses. Will has a great review here which you have probably seen.
I am torn between my 20 degree WM superlight and the 40 degree Marmot Atom, but am tending toward the WM for the great sleep, and my "heavy" thermarest prolite 3.
I am using a 3 oz. mylar emergency bivy as groundcloth and can crawl into just in case the cape fails for any reason. Bummer on the bear cannisters, but the freedom of camping anywhere is probably worth it. There are a lot of bear boxes along the way tho they may not always be where you want to camp.
Also ordered some Leuko tape and benzoin in hopes that blisters won't be a pain...
Good luck and happy hiking.

Bob Bankhead
(wandering_bob) - MLife

Locale: Oregon, USA
JMT gear list feedback please on 08/09/2008 18:40:15 MDT Print View

I just returned Friday from doing 35 miles of the JMT (Tuolumne Mdws to Reds Mdw) plus 65 miles of the PCT south of Cottonwood Pass.

Never needed any insulating layers, top or bottom, even in the morning. Temperatures were in the high 50s at night; high 70s to low 80s in the day.

Short vs long sleeves - let me suggest that you take the long sleeves.

Reasons: (1) long sleeves are more versatile. If you get too warm, push up the sleeves. If it gets chillier than expected, pull them down. You can't do that with a short sleeve shirt. (2)long sleeves provide sun protection, which you WILL need on the JMT. That sun gets bright and strong at 10,000 + feet. (3) long sleeves add a measure of mosquito protection as well. The skeeters were out (in low numbers) on both sides of Donohue Pass, and even more so around Cottonwood Pass and Kennedy Meadow.

Never needed my rain gear either.

Wandering Bob

Be advised, the rangers warned us about an very aggressive bear working the Thousand Island and Badger Lakes areas. This bear has even torn into the rangers tent at night with nothing inside but a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and Rangerette. The rangers have talked to US Fish and Wildlife about this animal and have about come to the conclusion to kill it before it seriously injures someone. As the ranger said, "I don't feel safe in my own tent any more".

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Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: JMT gear list feedback please on 08/09/2008 18:49:15 MDT Print View

Deleted - a moment of delirium..

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Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: JMT gear list feedback please on 08/09/2008 19:30:31 MDT Print View

I agree that for some a long sleeve shirt is def a better option especially when it comes to bugs. I just find I get too warm in them. When it comes to bugs I just put my Rab Quantum wind top of which does the job.

I will put the list up for you tomorrow. My base is around 10lbs with a bear canister. I am using a tarp and dual bivy system as I will be traveling with my wife.

Brian UL

Locale: New England
JMT list canister test on 08/10/2008 17:08:11 MDT Print View

I went down to my local REI today with my pack full of all the gear on the list sans my snowpeak/caldera cone to see if the Bear canister there would fit.
It did, but its filled to capacity -not quite over flowing but full.
Ill also be pushing the limits with the amount of weight I will be carrying but I knew that already.
Here is a slightly blurry pic of my Zip with canister and all packed inside. For anyone wondering if the Ark and Exodus can hold one, now you can get an idea since the Zip has only 1750 cubic inches in the main pack body.

mld cannister test

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Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: JMT list canister test on 08/10/2008 17:29:56 MDT Print View

Brian, why not purchase the Bearvault Weekender. Lighter and smaller. You could re-supply at Reds Meadow, Muir Trail Ranch, Vermillion. That way you are not carrying as much food and your pack will be more happy!

Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: Re: JMT list canister test on 08/10/2008 18:17:51 MDT Print View

I am going to rent a canister at the permit office.
Bears are not a problem where i live so no one uses one.
This will be a one-time thing so I cant justify buying one.
I know you can rent one from Wild-Ideas but, $55.00 compared to $5? I just cant get myself to pay that.
If I were to buy anything it would be an Ursack but they arnt allowed this year!

Bob Bankhead
(wandering_bob) - MLife

Locale: Oregon, USA
JMT gear list feedback please on 08/10/2008 18:21:26 MDT Print View

The northern end of the JMT is an easy re-supply; use any or all of Tuolumne Meadows, Reds Meadow, Vermillion Valley Resort, and Muir Trail Ranch. However, from Muir Trail Ranch south to Whitney Portal, it's an entirely different scenario.

Unless you can afford to have a commercial packer meet you along the trail (minimum $500) or can convince a friend/loved one to hump your supplies in, your options are few.

Your only viable near-trail options are to go west down to Roads End or go east down 2,620 feet to Onion Valley. At Onion Valley, you can either resupply at the OV Pack Station ($75) or try to hitch into Independence to pick up your box at the post office. Odds are good you'll have to (want to) stay overnight in a motel - avoid weekends - and eat at least two meals there. Then you still have to hitch a ride back to Onion Valley.

Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: Re: JMT gear list feedback please on 08/11/2008 06:31:14 MDT Print View

here is what I am thinking so far Brian. This list does not include my "10 essentials" kit as the wife normally carries that. Her base weight is around 6 lbs norm. The one below is slightly over 10 lbs. I def could go lighter than what I have below, but I also want a few comforts (i.e. extra shirt/underwear). The only thing I am not sure of is what kind of light source I may carry. I am going between my Fenix L1D or my Arc AAA. I am thinking we will be turning in before dark, but it may be nice to have a real bright source in the event we need to make up some miles, or spot whatever may be lurking in the bushes (never hikes in bear contry before)

Ibex Balance Boxer shorts 2.9
Rail Riders EcoMesh pants 9
Ibex Echo T 5
Darn Tough 3/4 cush sock 1.5
OR Sunrunner hat 1
Inov8 Roclite 295 21.07
Simblissity Levegaiters 1.2
TIMEX Expedition Chrono 1.10
Life Link Guide Ultralites 14
NativeEyeWear shades 0.65
Ibex Meru Beanie 1
Ibex Balance Breif (spare) 2.9
Ibex Liner glove 1
Ibex Echo T 5
Darn Tough 3/4 cush sock 1.5
Integral Designs eVent jkt 10.3
Patagonia Houdini pants 3
Rab Wind Top 2.95
BMW Cocoon Pullover 10
BMW Cocoon Pro90 quilt 13.6
Thermarest RidgeRest (short) 8
Oware Flattarp 2 13.5
6 Vargo stakes + Line locks + spectra line 2.68
Oware Simple 2 person Bivy 13
Gossomer Gear Pack liner 1.5
Mountain Laural Designs Super Zip + assesories 16.50
(2x) Gatorade water bottles 1.5
32 Oz Platy bottle 0.8
Wild Idea's Bearikade Weekender MKII 31.00

Bob Bankhead
(wandering_bob) - MLife

Locale: Oregon, USA
JMT gear list feedback on 08/11/2008 12:58:53 MDT Print View


Nice list. Totals 8.7 pounds carried plus 3.6 pounds worn.

I didn't see any kitchen or eating gear on your list. What are you doing for a stove, fuel, pot, spoon, etc?

Also missing - water treatment capability. What are you using? There's a lot of horse traffic (and "deposits") along the JMT - especially the north end.

Since most of us go solo, please add the shared gear carried by your wife so we can get a complete list.


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Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: JMT gear list feedback on 08/11/2008 13:17:43 MDT Print View

Hey Bob,
here you go. We will be carrying Aqua Mira for water treatment. As for the stove we will be using the BPL Ti Wing with esbit. The list is a work in progress so I may have missed a few things and some things do not have weights yet. I also have below a few things added into my pack I did not put in the inital list.

My 10's kit
Hydropel skin ointment 1.00
4 oz Container of rubbing alcohol 0.50
Arc AAA 1.05
Spare AAA battery 0.30
4 oz Container of rubbing alcohol 0.50
Aqua Mira (in goss mini dropper) 0.70
Cannon SD1000 Elf 4.40

Rachels Gear and 10's kit
Ibex Balance Boxer shorts 2.9
Patagonia Long Haul Shorts 4
Ibex wool T 5
Smartwool Adrenaline socks 1
Royal Robbins hat 3
Brooks Cascadia TR's 20
Dirty Girl Gaiters 1
Casio watch 1.5
Life Link Guide Ultralites 14
Smith sunglasses 0.65
Ibex Beanie 1
Ibex Balance Boxer shorts 2.9
Patagonia Wool 2 T 4
Ibex Liner gloves 1
Smartwool Adrenaline socks 1
Mont Bell Peak jkt 11
Wild Things Epic pants 6
Golite Wind shirt 3
Mont Bell Thermawrap UL jkt 7.6
Sleeping Quilt 15
Thermarest RidgeRest (short) 8
ULA Conduit 20
Snow Peak 600 mug 2.8
BPL Ti Wing stove + wind sheild 0.54
BPL SUL Long Handle Spoon (x2) 0.78
(2x) Gatorade water bottles 1.50

Hydropel skin ointment 1
4 oz Container of rubbing alcohol 4
4 oz Doctor Bronners 4
40 Tylenol PM
digestive med's
1oz suntan lotion 1
Vitorinox Classic knife 1
ID ziper sack 0.5
Arc AAA 0.75
5 Feet Duct tape
5 Feet LuekoTape
5 zip ties
Aqua Mira (in goss mini dropper) 0.7
50 REI Matches
10 Feet Dental floss
sewing needle
Super glue
finger tooth brush
Suunto Compass 2
(2x) Ipod Shuffles 1.1

Bob Bankhead
(wandering_bob) - MLife

Locale: Oregon, USA
JMT gear list feedback on 08/11/2008 14:08:59 MDT Print View


Thanks. I too use Esbit. You'll have to bring all the fuel tablets you need with you because they are not available anywhere along or near the trail. I did leave a full box of 12 in the Hiker Box at Kennedy Meadows (south), but you won't get that far.

Let me suggest that you add a cheap Bic lighter to your kit. It makes starting the Esbit tablets much easier than fighting with matches. Save the matches for your 10 Essentials kit.

Take a good look at the BPL UL Mosquito Headnet (0.3 oz @). Well worth the money. We had a goodly number of skeeters and small black (non-biting) flies on the JMT last week. My wife hates bugs flying in her face so she didn't mind the cost.

Yes, you'll want and appreciate a light that can reach out into the bushes in bear country. You'll never hear them approach until they're beside you so while answering nature's late-night call, it's comforting to be able to scan the area before you set out looking for the little boy's tree. We also carry a red Photon on a cord for use inside the tent. The headlamp is too blinding in there.

Edited by wandering_bob on 08/11/2008 14:13:51 MDT.

Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: JMT gear list feedback on 08/11/2008 14:16:09 MDT Print View

hey Bob,
thanks for the feedback. Yea Esbit is just so light and easy. Plus not affected by altitude. We are planning it is to send via priority mail (ground) to Tuolomne to pick up on day one (doing 20 mile days). Bic lighter is a good suggestion but I use the REI windproof matches (aka mini flares). Just light one, sit it right on top of the tab and it lights. Works every time. Good call on the head netting, I was wondering about that.

Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: JMT gear list feedback on 08/11/2008 15:35:49 MDT Print View

Jon, thanks for taking the time to post that.
I was thinking of using esbit myself but the Caldera cone works so well in the wind. Esbit is easier to carry though(no alcohol). I should think more about it.
I forgot the sunglasses and I think a watch would be usefull for dead reckoning ect.
I keep meaning to make a head net form the nano-seeum I have but, wasnt sure if I needed one.

- still debating if I should bring my Tigoat pole?

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Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: Re: JMT gear list feedback on 08/11/2008 18:17:18 MDT Print View

hey Brian,
No problem. I spoke with Rand at Trail Designs and he recommended esbit for a trip like this used in the caldera cone. It is nice that you can blow it out when you are finished cooking as well.

Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: JMT gear list feedback on 08/12/2008 01:48:07 MDT Print View

Jonathan, Bob,
Thanks for convincing me to go with Esbit. I rarely use it because of the residue so I didnt really consider it. After looking at the threads on the Gramcracker I knew it was the way to go. You guys seriously saved me a lot of grief!!
The only problem was that Traildesigns is at O.R. so the only place I could get a Gramcracker was Campsaver who dont use the USPS so I really eat it on shipping to get it here on time.

less than 10 days left -crunch time.
Thank you everyone, you all have been a real help!

Edited by MAYNARD76 on 08/12/2008 01:50:01 MDT.

Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: Re: JMT gear list feedback on 08/12/2008 06:06:11 MDT Print View

Hey Brian,
I found Rand's email to me on esbit for the JMT. Take a look, lots of great info.

"As to 10 days with 2 cup boils each day. If you are truly counting
grams, I suggest you go with our esbit solution...the Gram
Cracker...over alcohol. It is more efficient (BTU/gram of weight)
than alcohol, the "stove" is much lighter, will never leak in your
pack, and is relatively insensitive to altitude differences. Esbit typically beats alcohol
every time in the cone.

Each esbit tablet is something like 14gm/.5oz and the GramCracker
stove is 7 grams. As to fuel usage with esbit, you can EASILY get a

cup boil on one tablet.....and....depending on water temp and
altitude.....I have often been able to blow out the tablet after 2
cups of water boiled and still have enough to do another 2 cup boil!
For safety sake, I would still probably count on one esbit tablet a

Now....the philosophy.....what I think happens in "normal" cooking
situations is that windscreens are loose, air flow dodgy, and heat
transfer inefficient. So, if you have an esbit solution with a

windscreen/pot setup, the flame is very lazy and gets knocked around
alot. That is the reason I think most people go with the
"jetted"/pressure alcohol direct and force the heat in
the direction they want. Now, with the Caldera Cone in place, the
"lazyness" of the esbit flame isn't an issue.....all the heat is
captured inside the cone environment and blankets the pot. So, with
the advent of the cone, the inherently higher heat content in the
esbit tips the scale back in favor of it for efficiency."